Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dhivehi Football Blues

It's been a long time that I have not met an enthusiastic football fan talking about going to Galolhu Dhandu to watch a match. The passion seem to have dimmed significantly. The days when the excitement of Miskeen running has gone, the Kalhu Ohs deadly ball clearings had faded into the past. Nowadays more often we hear only the talk of transfer money and huge contracts footballer's have. Or its a depressing story of a talented youngster turning down an opportunity to train and play for the Benefica youth team in Portugal. Another reminder of where the passion of our football players are going.

A friend once told me while he was driving through Chaandanee Magu he saw a group of boys, wearing the same jersey and even the same slippers going on motorbikes. They were driving through Lily Magu at the time the public all girls school, Aminiyya had finished so they could eye and show off to the girls who were going home. He told me, they were the members of the National Football Team. Sad. And you must have heard the drama recently as well, when the national Team went abroad a group of players hid the passport of an official for a joke.

Did the previous government of Maumoon play a role in destroying our national sport? Of course they did. In a nut shell, they used football as one of Maumoons tool to deviate people. Whenever there was some juicy rumor regarding the governments impotency, they would arrange a football match and turn the people attention on the match or tournament so they forget about the governments shit. Now we see what happens when even our football, our national sport is used as a political tool.

Nowadays rarely would the national stadium be filled to its capacity. I hope the FAM, with the help of the New administration tries to re-ignite the passion that existed in football in Maldives.

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