Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Intro: Check One!, Check! Check One, Two, Three!

Hmmm. The first thoughts that crosses my mind as I sit here and try to introduce my blog is, where do I want to go with this? What am I intending to achieve? Is this going to be a worthless piece of corny work like I used to write as journals long long ago? Or why am I doing this anyway?

Well, as you must have guessed, I actually don't know. But what I have known from a long time ago was that writing is a great form of therapy. It clarifies your frame of mind, it allows you to retrospect with more focus, it allows us to be more objective in our own perceptions and misgivings. Those are a few selfish benefits of course. But there are many more things writing achieve, foremost of those would definitely have to be that it allows us to communicate.

Am I justifying myself for writing this blog? Hmmm. A thought for another time.

Anyway. As the name of the blog states - Adventures & Misfortunes of Mr. Karma, (as I have dubbed myself after associating with the made-up name of "sellingkarma", which became my web-name), I will express what goes through my mind. Thats it i guess. Well, experience generates many emotions. And these emotions unfortunately dictates our actions. Well, I hope I can channel more of those emotions into my writing so that it does not affect my actions as much as it could. Got my drift yeah?

Over and Out!


Hilath said...

I totally agree. All forms of expression (whether writing, art, photography, film-making, music etc) help us to organise our thought process and make sense of our thoughts so that we discover our true selves and know what we want from life.
One of the things I regret about my generation (the generation who are now in their 30s) is that they are too engaged in work and money-making (which is quite fine) but in the process have neglected or not found time to express themselves through any art forms. They really don't know what they are missing though I have always been harping on the point!
As a result, many times I have come across situations where some friends are quite stressed and depressed but don't really know the reason for it.
"I know there's something bothering me but can't really put my finger on it. I don't even know how to tell you about it," is something one of my friends once said when I met him one day and he seemed quite down.
As many have noticed, I have few true close friends from my 30s generation because I find it very difficult and communicate with them on the same level. What a pity.
On the other hand, I find that I am more in tune with people who are 25 years and below. For some reason their outlook on life is quite fresh and therefore refreshing and have many times inspired me in my own creativity.
I bet one of the reasons is that the younger generation, through exposure to world cultural influences resulting from globalisation and exposure to internet, satellite TV, at a young age, have instilled in them a sense of pursuing pleasures in many expressive forms.
For instance, most of the younger generation are good at drawing, photography, enjoying movies, reading books, writing (in various forms including blogs, etc) and especially knows how to play one or more musical instruments, which makes them the highly perceptive people they are. That's why it's more enlightening and fun to hang out with them.
One of my friends, who is in his 30s and is now a Maldivian diplomat in a Maldives embassy in an Asian country, once commented to me: "Hilath, you still behave like a teenager. It seems you still haven't grown out of teenage."
Another friend of the same generation was amused why I still go swimming at the Track and bodyboarding at Varunulaa Raalhugandu, and once commented, "Isn't it time to get mature?" I guess for him "maturity" means giving up all fun and becoming all serious! But I say it's better that the child in us never die. At least I won't let it happen, no matter how much I am criticised by my generation.

Mr. Karma said...


Being always young at heart, you can always connect with people young or old. Thank you for your comment. It is a encouragement for a new blogger like me.

Keep on writing.