Saturday, November 22, 2008

John Lennon is forgiven, what about us?

The late John Lennon has been forgiven by the Vatican for his remark in British news paper in 1966. He remarked that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus.

John Lennon is one of the best song writers to ever walk on earth, and he will always will be. But his songs such as "Imagine" portraits an atheist view on the world. If anyone wants to judge music and art, they will have many things to say on this. But music especially is very subjective and we love the music itself, not the ideology behind the composition.

Many religious views condemn music, Islamic scholars have interpreted the Quran's many verses to find answers. Their sole intention was to find something, anything that says music is 'haram' in Islam. But they did not. There are no verses that directly says music is haram. It was the scholars and the interpreters who took up this view. And to serve their purposes they misled the people by taking verses of Quran and implying that a certain verse actually means this or that. For example: 'the voice of Satan' is taken to be meant as music, but it could be referred to as anything, like lies, deception, manipulation etc etc. It all depends on the way it is translated. But there are instances where music can be considered as 'haram'. For example if music is used to lead people astray from good social values, then it could be considered harmful. The prophets views are also moderate on music, but if you take his sayings where he strictly forbids music, you could take the meaning as music being a big evil. But he forbade it due to certain instances where music took decency out of people, you would be surprised to know he actually allowed music or singing in some situations.

But the scholars wanted an outcome where music is considered the 'voice' of Satan. So might as well let people know only the verses and sayings that forbid music. And just hide the reasons for the ban and not let people know that music was tolerated by the Prophet in certain circumstances, when it did not violate other core Islamic principles.

I studied Islam for one semester in the Music College I studied in Malaysia, although I could be judged on this aspect by many religious people on my knowledge of Islam. The reason why there was Islamic studies in a Music College in the first place was to make young people understand how exactly Islam relates to music and where it stands. I could write long long essays on this topic. But I will refrain from that and leave this sensitive issue aside, until I can justify to waste time on religiously brain washed individuals of our indoctrinated society.


Yaamyn said...

waste time on the indoctrinated?

Your hitting the right notes, my friend.. but for that last sentence.

There's a need to stand up to fanatics and provide the dumb third party an alternate view of religion.

If anything, the more liberal of us ought to be louder than ever.

Die Fareed!

Mr. Karma said...

I meant"indoctrinated" = those who are victimized by extremist Muslim scholars