Sunday, November 16, 2008

Maumoon's "Haiyaiykuda" Bill

3rd year / 13th majlis

The peoples' majlis is considering the Bill issued by Aneesa for the benefits of a former president after his/her term is over. And I have to say the discussion has given me a rare happiness and contentment. In kinder words I would have to say Maumoon should just shove his "hayaiykuda" bill up his ass.

Consider this: Traveling expenses to be paid by the people; Holidays to be paid by the people; An office with 10 staff to be provided for 'research' purposes (whatever fuck that means); A house of presidential honor to be given by the people; A pension that is equal to the salary of the president to be given by the people; Security and protection to be provided where ever they are, when ever they want, even for the wife of the president. (I guess that's for sitting in the house with a housecoat on). These are few of the points mentioned in the hayaiykuda Bill. I think we might as well strip and bend over for Maumoon and his family fuck us in the ass whenever they want.

I'm thankful to God that those 8 members of Maumoon now has to sit at home and watch the majlis. Otherwise this would have been one of those days that our nation is raped by the Kaamineege' and Endherimaage' clan. The way the clauses are written is obviously for Maumoon's sole benefit. Holidays to be paid by the people?!! It doesn't matter the country, not to mention the whole world, is going into the worst economic plunge in decades. Since the tsunami in 2004 there are people still homeless, and we have to give Maumoon and his family a grand house? A car? And I'm surprised it does not mention a private jet for him to make his 'trips' abroad. Can you believe the DRP or his cronies can even consider these benefits to be given? Anni is giving him the proper respect of dignity as the former president, but he is still DRP's president thus still is the opposition leader. Did anyone of you get fooled enough to believe Maumoon will step off politics and stop dreaming of power and greed? He is still secretly giving meetings where he is preaching his 'newer heights' bullshit.

Most probably Maumoon got his ass kicked by Nasreena. Who can blame her. She has made Maumoon murder people, steal their money and support her whole family, including giving her brothers minister posts. She must have pushed him out of their marital bed, forced him to become the Golhabo he is today. Woudn't you be pissed when you had to leave the house you wanted all your grand children and extended family to grow up? Woudn't you be pissed to walk out of the cinema and swimming pool that you wanted swim in your housecoat? You see how drug addicts steal, rob and mug people to feed their addiction. Well imagine a druggie high for 30 years, and he is told to give up his drug addiction, will it be easily possible? It would be almost impossible. This is 30 years of addiction people!! We really should consider a bill for the rehabilitation of Maumoon and his cronies, so we can slowly wean him into normal society just like we do to Hakuru addicts.

Otherwise we will see 'hayaiykuda' bills such as this, trying to squeeze as much of the peoples' blood before he dissapears. It just shows how "sincere" the so called Zaeem actually is. I was so worried when I heard the points in the Bill at first when it was issued to the majlis. But today I'm happy watching the majlis members making a lot of sense. It is so crazy to see these benefits to be given to former president. Might as well just pass a bill that states that "Maumoon will always be president until his death, and he is to be given anything he wants, even if it's your child's heart cut out and put on a silver tray". And lets not forget; Raagondi Raajaa, Abaas and Ilyaas and the rest of the Golahbo crew should also be allowed to rape, kill and plunge the people's rights, their belongings and their future.

You got to be kidding me. HAHAHAHAH.


Anonymous said...

Good one!

Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom should be given the title "The immortal Maldivian president".

Anonymous said...

Hmmm and Maybe why Aneesa submitted that Bill to the Majlis is that she is hoping to get married to Qayoom to enjoy the benefit and salary she proposed for ex presidents wife!!

Aneesa still cannot stop being the slut of the Endherimaage and kaamineege brothers.

Yaamyn said...

Most delightful! :p

THAT's how an article is written! I wonder how that Bushry bloke manages to get readers for his rants..

I really think this Anni dude is carrying things too far.. laughed when I read that perhaps all of us Maldivians should bend over when Maumoon feels like horny.

Truly said.

Simon said...

"..our nation is raped by the Kaamineege' and Endherimaage' clan"

The rape is very accurate description.

Great rant man. This sort of stuff gets my teeth grinding and my hair to fall off.

paradise lost said...

think pretty boy, its not golhaabo only who will benefit from it, GANJAABO too will benifit from it, BUT only if he;s going to be coming down in his "2yrs" as he once blabbered.

Also simon, dont you remember when someone raped Customs? yeah I know, you don't, because it was your
FATHER pakaass

Anonymous said...

paradise lost: you must be one of the DRP supporters or should i say one of the worshippers of Maumoon.

cos all the visible signs r there in your post. pakaaas

And as for Simons father, you said Simon's father. Not Simon. So its nothing to do with Simon, even if that was true.

Have some sense pretty boy.

Mr. Karma said...

Hey Paradise lost,

The difference between you and anyone else who have given comments is that you prefer to hide behind your PC, and anonymously insult others.

Conclusion: You are a coward and a sissy, a.k.a known commonly as "keyboard gangsters".

I can choose to delete your comment. But since you have given your time to say something based on your immaturity and misled emotions, for the sake of democracy, which your deposed old pig tried so hard to kill, I will allow it ppl to see it. So they can see how stupid some people still are. Cheers