Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Minister Dr. Majeed's traffic violation

I just came from listening to the radio. This is something that has never been heard in Maldives. The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari's driving license has been confiscated by the traffic police due to a parking violation. Hehehehe. Apparently he had parked his motor bike on Majeedhee Magu where it was not a parking zone. The first thing that came to my mind was, what was he doing on a motor bike anyway?

This is the first time a minister has been in this situation in Maldives, earlier it was taken for granted that ministers were above the law. This would have never happened to any cabinet member of Maumoon's, where the police protected them like a wolf protects her cubs. It's not because of Mohamed Nasheed's philosophy of transparency in justice nor the new administration of the police department that such a thing had occurred. A Minister's driving license has been revoked only because there are still a lot of Golhabo loyalists around, especially in the police station. Which is not a bad thing in this instance however.

Minister Dr. Majeed what were you doing on a motor bike? Didn't the government give you a car with a driver? Or is is part of the plan to minimize expenses to give ministers Wave motor bikes instead of cars? If so, not a bad idea. But I guess having to spend too much time driven around by somebody has made these people a bit rusty on their traffic rules. A traffic awareness program would be good for these ministers who prefer motor bikes. Hehehe. Just joking. Its not my intention to make Dr. Majeed nor the government the butt of a joke.

The whole thing is just funny, and its fresh, and its a good thing. Forget my rantings. I hope Minister Majeed gets his driving license back, or Anni will give him a car to drive around with. But mostly I hope this is the beginning of equality in front of the law, whether pauper or minister, everyone has to face the same consequences when they break a law.

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SFC said...

Thin is the first time i heard about such a case, heheh