Friday, November 7, 2008

Remembering Hikka - Part One

Location: Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka
August 2007

Let me rewind myself to August 2007, when I was in Hikka the last. It was the off season and there was not much to do so I got to take a lot of pictures, as you know anyone will be in a great mood after a visit with Dr. Harry, (a.k.a Dr. Feelgood) and eventually my wife and myself ended up on a photography rampage where ever we were chilling, so I thought I will share some pictures of the trip with any of you who got the time to waste on this. Lets say it's a little guide to those who never have been there and a rekindling of memories for those who did, and of course those who continue to go there still. I'm not a pro photographer nor have I used Photoshop on the pics.

Tick tock tick tock at the rail station in Colombo.

Taking the train is not a recommended form of transport in Sri Lanka. As I last heard there was a bomb that went off at this particular station not long after our trip. The status of the station has to be checked. Too bad the war there is still escalating to worse.

Finally. The choo choo.

The world is never black and white, its in shades of gray, or so I hear.

There's something similar about waiting for a transport no matter where you are, and no matter whether its a bus, a taxi, the subway, or the train.

There were pigeons around. They were pecking the stone slabbed floor furiously the only pictures I took were out of focus. I know, I was just not bothered to adjust, er what is it? the shutter speed isn't it.

My View

Only the dogs ruled inside.
Where the waves had gone to the west.
And be not afraid of what you find.
Deep inside the remedy man's nest.
Now that I have managed to rhyme.
Lets get on with the rest.

The breakfast tower. There's something good about a warm & filling breakfast in the morning sea breeze. Nice to be elevated as well. Hmmmm

Near Funky De Bar

Well, this is view when you are sitting inside Funky De Bar.

The leaning coconut tree of Hikka.

"Munich, where are you?"

This is a nice chilled out place for drink or a sandwich.

This is Funky De Bar
-The entrance. Is this the back or the front? I wonder.

Custom made sandwiches on the way. Also one Lion please. GRRROOWL!!

One of the many guest houses on the beach side of Hikka.

During off season the beach in Hikkaduwa feels like a private beach. The only people around are the hawkers, massage boys and of course, the dogs.

The fishermen and some local boys untangling the fish caught in the net. All the surfers have gone to the west coast and the fishermen are hard at work.

A sunset seen from Hikka beach.

I will end this part of 'Remembering Hikka' and will be back soon with the sequel. My intention was to do this in one go, but since I got a bit more pictures I thought I could present it more clearly if I do it in a few parts. And hey, I'm in no hurry. It'll just take a bit of time to paint the whole Hikka.

It's a nice place. Go there. Take a break from the stress of the world.

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