Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Remembering Hikka - Part Two

The Journey continues,..

There's no end nor a beginning.
These fisherman climb the sticks placed along the shallows that run the whole beach-line. It helps them to stay abreast of waves and fish from the schools caught in the surge.

This is another sunset from Hikka.

This is the dude from Funky De Bar. Sitting on the log outside while the dogs are playing.

Have seat at Funky De Bar. There are many more bars and restaurants at this area. But since it was off season, number of those places were closed. One of the few that were open were Funky De Bar, and it was also the only place close by that had a liquor license.

This is Munich the dog. She hangs out in Funky De Bar and can be seen wiggling her tail underneath the tables for scraps of food.

A drink from the tower. The weather kept turning gloomy

A blue scene of the tower. Peaceful. Serene. Tranquil.

The coconut trees of Hikka. Waiting for the October parties to begin.

Walking back. If there ever was a no-fly zone, that would be the currents that would take you out to the sea and never back. As unfortunate it sounds, it does happen occasionally.

A group of locals that came to Hikka for the weekend. It's common to see people from the capital Colombo come to Hikka beach in the weekends to chill or party. Especially for the famous 'Vibrations' Party or to Mambo's.

Everyday the man you see in the picture would come to work as a Night-Watchman just before sunset, to start his duty. He would then go down where the waves just breaks on the beach, standing there he would say a prayer to his gods. And we see him do this every day. It was a special day for him, every single day.

This is it for this part of Remembering Hikka. I hope to be back with more pictures of this series soon.

Take care, and go there. To Just Chill. :D

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