Friday, November 14, 2008

Space: The Next Human Journey?

Every one is sending space shuttles into orbit. Some time back Chinese astronauts were given medals of honor for returning from a successful mission in space. India launched their shuttle just recently and so are other major countries, including the NASA in the U.S.

The recent discovery of new planets outside our solar system again rises the ultimate question, are there civilizations living on other planets? Are aliens a science fiction fantasy or is it really true. Some really distinguished people do believe that aliens exist, among them is the famous Hollywood producer Steven Spielberg. He has tried to convey his conviction in countless of movies he produced; among the most famous are E.T and the Taken series.

Anyway. Its not that we as a human race is just started space exploration, it of course has been going on for a long time. But nobody has been able to prove that aliens do really exist, all we see are millions of conspiracy theories, U.F.O sightings, people saying they even been abducted and all sorts of evidence that still cannot confirm the truth.

People have sought spiritual answers. In our religion Islam, I'm not sure that it ever states that other civilizations does not exist. Actually to the contrary it confirms the existence of another race called the Jinn, who live in the skies; meaning space or the universe. But their goals and reason of existence in the Quran, is not of importance here. The question still remains unanswered, is there life on other planets just like us? Or maybe even more advanced than us.

I can't deny that it has always fascinated me. I can't see why there could not be other planets, where civilization has advanced in technology such as us. But if there are other humans or any species out there, if they have discovered space travel and a way to travel time, they would have already been here. Or have they already? The UFO stories are very convincing in some cases that even have visual aid to support their claim.

Or maybe the aliens saw how screwed up this world is and decided stay hidden from us. They don't want anything to perhaps do with us. A more logical conclusion, who would want to get involved in a 'dog eat dog world' anyway? But 100 years ago nobody would have imagined anything of the like as the World Wide Web and the internet. But today its just one of the things people take for granted today. It's a household technology. So no one can say where we will be in the next 100 years in science, we could even discover the proper technology for time travel. The idea has always been there, and everything starts with a idea before it becomes a reality.

In the remotest possibility they do find another planet such as us, or better. Living and thriving and advancing just like our human race has been through their journey. One can't help but wonder, what Gods do they have?, what religions?, what languages?, whats hip in their planet?, what types of music do they listen to? and on and on.

All I know is, in that tiny possibility they do find another race or planet of aliens, I would be one of the first to queue up for a one way ticket out of Earth. I'll take my family and migrate to another planet, for good or for ill. Nothing can be worse than it is here already anyway. That will be the coolest thing. That's one of my biggest dreams; to space travel and live on an alien planet. It would be like being born again.


Anonymous said...

i recommend a slightly obscure australian movie called "danny deckchair" to you. It is a comical exploration of the idea of being born again.

dreamer said...

well if it helps we can take a trip out to the outer space now...and thats where im going when ima billionaire hehe...