Thursday, November 27, 2008

A US$175,000 fraud only?

Abdulla Algeen has been found guilty of a US$175,000 fraud. The details of the report can be found here.

According to the anti-corruption commission, they have enough evidence to prosecute the case against Abdulla Algeen, who is Maumoon's half-brother and Abdulla Yameen's brother. He had allegedly committed this fraud while he was the Director General at the Department of Meteorology.

Okay, this is great that the anti-corruption commission has been busy doing their work. But I hope this is only the beginning of true justice, because this is not the only fraud the Golhabo clan must have committed in their reign of greed and corruption. There has to be millions and millions of more dollars that the Kaamineege and Endherimaage 'beyfulhun' stole from the government's income that belonged to the people. What about the tsunami funds that were given out during the DRP campaign? There are many such questions yet to be asked.

I hope the anti-corruption commission find the answers that would make these thieves accountable for their crimes.

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Anonymous said...

did u hear about a "secretariat of the ex-president, Alivaage"? What a joke!!!!! The old man still cannot accept that he should be living a normal life. Retarted & demented asshole!