Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What About The Murders?

We are still witnessing something that was hard to even dream of.

Maumoon has to wash Nasreena's housecoats. Adam Zahir is cooking noodles at home. Mundhu is still the hand grenade & the ugliest character I've seen in politics. And the DRP cronies are whining in the background about their lack of power to cripple the people of Maldives.

This is all good and even difficult to digest at times. President Nasheed is doing his best to not repeat history, and not do anything Golhabo did after Ibrahim Nasir stepped off as president. Like putting PA's outside the houses of people they dub as "Baageen" (terrorists) and serve Bondi Baiy to people passing by, and make them swear and curse in the name of National Unity. I'm sure Maumoon's brother-in-laws could get jobs at a kitchen since they must be really qualified in preparing Bondi Baiy. I wonder what they would have done if DRP won the election this time, a few people would have been crucified for sure, including President Nasheed.

But what about the murders we have seen in our society in the last couple of years. The only thing I seem to see each time someone is killed, either by gang violence or police negligence or whatever, is a big headline on the news, a police statement saying they are now investigating so they cannot give any info blah blah, and people deliberating it for a day or so. Then suddenly its forgotten. Funny.

Remember the Bangladeshi who was murdered in Kulhudhufushi? It was one of the most inhumane murders I have seen in Maldives. The details of the murder is enough to shock the entire world. His genitals cuts off, wrapped in a black bra and his entails taken out. The police got the guy who did it, was apparently a Bangladeshi worker who worked with the victim. The police claim the motive lies within the fact that the victim and the alleged had a homosexual relationship. Case closed.

Do you buy that? Isn't it so easy to just wrap up the case and blame it on another Bangladeshi, who must have been hiding from Immigration in the first place (There are thousands of expatriate workers who have fled to atolls, escaping their actual employers). But the islanders in Kulhudhufushi knew the victim was employed by a shady character who operates a shop in the island. And the rumor was that the victim was having a sexual affair with this guy's wife. Thus the whole murder makes a bit more sense now, the black bra with the genitals cut off and put inside etc.

Maybe this is just a fancy thought. But so much of the murder cases are solved very weirdly in Maldives. The police forensic department do have all the modern equipment I assume, but how much competent they are at that area of expertise is questionable. They never seem to wrap up a murder case and give a police briefing to public, I have never heard the motive being explained of a particular murder, ever. If its a gang violence murder, there still has to be a motive. Oh right, we the public are too dumb or faint hearted to know these details. Oh common, it's the public who has to live with the murderers. Don't people want to know if the murderers are caught or not?? Don't people have a right to know that the environment they live in is safe?

The sad thing is people stop asking these questions after a few days the 'sensational' headlines wear off. Even the press seem to forget it after they report the news, and get many people to read their articles. They got what they wanted, more readers for their paper, why should they care about a stupid murder, right?

All we see are cases being sent back by the Attorney General to the police due to the lack of evidence to prosecute them. Then we see the gangbangers out on the street. Going back to the people who report them and carry on their violence where they left off. Once a murder is 'solved' by the great police of Maldives, do you actually believe that they have got the right person? And in some cases its so obvious who did it, but what guarantee do you have that you won't find that person selling ice cream to your kids tomorrow?? And don't make me start on the child molesters who are able to run free after a little spank on their ass.

Oh wait. The Police just found out that they have taken an oath to protect the PEOPLE of Maldives as well, all this time they had thought their whole mission was to ensure the well being of Golhabo Clan. Oops. They found out that they can actually be 'professional'. I do respect police for their work. But do they really do it?? I hope the new administration remedies this little misconception the police have acquired, no doubt after relentless brainwashing while they were in their training.

I just hope this cycle of MURDER - NEWS HEADLINE - POLICE BRIEF - and then NOTHING stops. Or at least have 'CASE SOLVED-properly' added at the end of this cycle. Its just a huge joke how criminals are caught, whether its the right person or not, and then are released to terrorize the public again. They don't mind beating the hell out of drug addicts in jail, doesn't the murder of Evan Naseem signify this? The murderers, rapists and child molesters can run free, no problem. Of course, being the murderers and trying to catch them at the same time can be a bit tricky I guess. It would be like a snake trying to eat its own tail.

Well the snake's head is cut off now, I hope it grows a new head that will do what it's suppose to do in the first place. (Fingers crossed).


Anonymous said...

Great post as usual. Keep up the good work man!

P.S. The justice system sucks! we need to get it right. We need laws to be implemented & executed ASAP to bring the crime rate down.

Anonymous said...

that is the fucked up world we live in. nobody gives a crap really and if there was a god he/she/it dosent care either.