Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The World's Most Intelligent Fish

Have you guys seen what this little gold fish can do. I wonder if this is a stupid prank. Apparently it could play basketball, football and even do limbo dances. Positive reinforcement is an effective learning tool. Apparently its more effective on fish than humans. It's ironic because Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) trains their instructors to always use positive reinforcement in their teaching technique. That is even if a student in a confine water session drowns and swallow a gallon of sea water, he should just say "That was really great the way you just got drowned, but next time try not to laugh while you're doing the regulator recovery exercise". Or if some one panics and nearly dies, the PADI instructor would say "Oh, that was incredible, amazing!, but try not to panic next time, everyone give him a hand..yeaaah"

This goldfish has shown how effective it is, on fish not humans. Now the instructors could just say "Cut the crap, a fucking gold fish can do all those stuff, so why hell can't you?! So just fucking do it, I'm getting damn cold in this water trying to teach you goats!" Thank you gold fish.

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1 comment:

Yaamyn said...

I was jealous enough of humans playing football..

But this is ridiculous!! :-(

Think I'll go jump into a bowl of water.. wait! The damn fish beat me to that too!