Sunday, December 14, 2008

Break Out: The last gig 14th December

The good news is the sound was slightly better; a rating of 5/10.

Molecule Mouth kicked ass according to most people. But Unusha and Mezzo just gave the crowds time to go and have a coffee or something, they sucked. Unusha is a talented girl with an amazing voice, that would be there nevertheless. The other bands, including this 19 year girl who sang her own written songs and played guitars, I can't be bothered to find the band's name, was okay. That showed promising potential.

The funny thing was when the UK bands came on, they stopped the broadcasting on TV, but suddenly the FOH(Front Of the House) sound went up and then you could feel the music hitting you now. The engineer was a guy from UK or Jar Music (have no idea), whether he made the sound good when the UK bands came on purposely so people would realize their superiority, or it was because they could output high levels since the TV broadcasting was over, nobody but god and the engineer would know. (And a couple of more people I wager). Hehe.

Don't they have Splitters on stage to split the signals so the Monitoring engineer, FOH engineer and the Broadcasting engineer (if there was one) could have independent Gain structures? And people! we have witnessed history in the making in the music gigs of Maldives, you know why? They had a Monitor engineer on-stage - Hooray! Hehehe. I know, its like saying "they had strings on the guitars they played", but this is Maldives and we even had a 30 year regime rule in our country and called it a republic, so this should not be that surprising. Hopefully monitor engineering will become a standard in future gigs.

Anyways. I should be content and grateful that such an event has occurred eventually in Maldives, and keep my criticism minimal. But what the heck, it did suck on a scale of 8/10.

Jar Music Group rating: 9/10
UK Bands: 7/10
Other Bands: 5/10
Sound: 5/10
Crowd: 6/10
Golhaa Force & Police: -2/10

I was not bothered to wait the whole show. You'll feel sick after a while, knowing that you are just seeing pawns of a larger game plan. I wonder if Fasy played? Hehehehe oops, I might have just hit the right notes, but I rather be out of tune. Hehehe. Hopefully when Jar Music returns it will be a better experience next time, at least for the bands and the fans.


Pink Bunny said...

Really BAD show at loss for words..... it seems instead of promoting the local talent it seems this was made to give the guys a bad name....

Anonymous said...

Just because Unoosha has a nice work and she can vary her tones, many Maldivians are taken in by her -- and because she is the least worse, and not that there is any mainstream female singer in Maldives who is good. She always sings in this melancholic tone of voice and in the process "noashah aruvaigen." It's a wonder how people can listen to that. It's irritating.

Anonymous said...

The fact that when UK bands sounded lounder is because

1) They start of with their instruments and amps and have a lot better control over their instruments than most Maldives bands

2) With point 1 under control, it's only then the engineer could design the band sound.

Most Maldives bands are hopeless with getting their tones right with the amps. Most think it's the job of the engineer. "Hey Sinu, get my tones for me on my amp!" is the line.

They are dead wrong! The engineer can't do anything if what goes in the mic/line signals are shity!

On the pawn in the puzzle issue, this is a real good litmus test.

Let's see how far Jar Music is truely interested in promoting local bands. In fact they are not. What bands fail to realise is that it's strictly business.

It's because the record company model is failing in the world that they are exploiting smaller unheard of bands in small nations. It's their colonial mindset still!

Anonymous said...

Hi All!!

Well i was there at the back stage and all around!!!

And by far from the comments of the uk bands and other bands of maldives.. unoosha really rocked.

They went crazy after the last gig she did with fasylive.

to tell u the truth unoosha doesnt sing like that. noashah aruvaigen kiumaa aslu kiumaa varah thafaathu vaane dho!!!

the sound really sucked thats why her vocals wasnt clear enuff..

well evevrybody has there own opinions... but it was a gr88 show for unoosha cos she performed her very own single "Fallen in love" thats night.

Hopefully more is to come..!!!

unoosha rocks!!!