Sunday, December 14, 2008

Break Out: A Review

December 13th, @ Alimas Carnival. The last night of competition among the bands on the Break-Out festival in Maldives, an event by Jar Music Group (UK).

Bands played: Trio, Gianscore, 1984, Traphic Jam.
Sound rating: 3/10
Bands rating overall: 7/10
Crowd rating: 5/10 (for the fight)
Golhaa Force rating: 4/10

Not a gig that I would remember, unfortunately for the bands the whole show was more commercial oriented. The Dhiraagu banners were more prominent than the bands. The bands were good. But the sound was really pathetic. I thought local sound rental crews did sound badly, but I was proved wrong. Whether they did not have enough equipment or whether sellotape was put on the FOH board's master fader to stay -6dB, only god and the engineer would know.

Overall rating: 3/10

The lesson: competition among the bands in Maldives is not a healthy venture for the infant music industry of Maldives yet. Thank you Jar music, it was a great opportunity for Maldivian bands, however what went wrong I have no idea. I never got so bored at a show, it was like hearing the bands from a music player rather than live. Most of the people around me were chatting comfortably, the sound never took the crowds attention. Except of the fans near the stage, they had a good time. And yes a fight did happen unsuprisingly.

This was a clip from the sound check..

This says a lot, when you think about the video clip a little deeper.

But still, this was a great opportunity for music bands in Maldives. At least Fasy has done something that would justify the honorary award he recieved from the former regime for the development of music in Maldives. Hehe. Well, I can't recall Flu Nashid doing something like this for the young local bands, oh yeah I forgot, he was busy competing with them. Well, collaboration would be better than competition. That's what I think.


Anonymous said...

The show totally sucked. The sudden gig did by VTV in early ramadan was a blast although the anticipation was minimal. Even with all the hype the turn-out was so low last night. The left and right speakers weren't even balance. How could they do such a thing. They humiliated the bands at their home. it seems that Vitte's (gianscore) comment was taken rather harshly. But wasn't he right? i felt sorry for 1984. They did so good in the auditions. The event organizers need some training.

Hilath said...

That was a totally revealing video clip. Thanks. It just about said everything about how the show must have been.
It's nice that Jar, Fasy and others are doing things to give exposure to local music talents. We really have to appreciate that. But for once, why can't one do anything right if they wanna go about it? Should we just say "Oh Darling Yeh Hai Maldives" and shrug our shoulders and leave it at that?
Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn't go to the show, reason being that I am avoiding all music shows in Male' because I know that all my ganja and alcohol friends will be there, and I think I will feel strong enough to face such situations only after about a year since I am still early in my recovery stages.
Luckily for you guys you can afford to mingle with any kind of crowds.