Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Constipation of the Mind

A group of scientists from Switzerland has conducted an exclusive survey on the social dynamics of Maldives.

They focused mainly on the youth of the country in an effort to understand the high rate of crime and drug abuse in the Maldives. The little island nation's society has been plagued with gang related violence and drug addiction that victimizes teenagers, even at the early age of twelve.

According to NGOs and often denied by the NCB (Narcotic Control Board) of Maldives, 10% of the country's population has fallen into drug addiction. This is an epidemic rate for a country with a population of approximately 300,000.

The society of Maldives is so congested with families living in just one room, the youth having no way to channel their energy and no place to hang out, leads to most of these kids joining gangs and eventually getting involved in crime and drugs. They find a sense of belonging within their gangs, while to the contrary they find a mad house back in their homes.

After an intense examination of youth subjects, the team of scientists were able to understand and conclude the reason for this negative social behavior. The scientists diagnosed that the youth of Maldives is suffering from the Constipation of the Mind. A rather new development in the world of science, the constipation of the mind is a condition suffered by a lot of people although they are not aware of it.

The constipation of mind occurs when the mind has no outlet to vent out its excess energy. The growing up youth will have a lot of energy and would need activities to help them channel their energy positively. If such outlets do not exist in the society, they suffer with the constipation of the mind. This eventually leads them to doing negative things such as violence and drugs. Imagine the human mind as a steam cooker, when the steam reaches the maximum pressure the outlet vent opens to let the excess steam out making a whistle sound, this alerts the person that the cooking is done. If the mind does not have such vents, it would lead to the constipation of the mind.

The cure for Constipation of the Mind can only be provided by the society it self. The youth need such "vents" to let off their steam. We need to minimize the oppression of the religious fanatics. We need more modern answers like Discos, Amusement Parks, more Music Events, more Sports and tournaments with wider awareness. We need the youth to be busy, we need to build more places like youth center with more facilities available for the youth so they can be occupied with more productive extra-curricular activities. Most of all we need better urban planning so the youth have places to hang around. The list is endless.

Remember to also ask yourself. Are YOU suffering from the Constipation of the Mind?


Hilath said...

That is so so very true.

Anonymous said...

Simply put we need to develop our people. but i learned something new here! thanks

Mr. Karma said...

I would like to just say that this concept of "Constipation of the Mind" was cooked up in my head to elaborate my message. There were no scientists from Switzerland or any such survey done. This is my own view so I would like to clarify this before I get accused of false information. ;)

thanks for reading

Buccaneer said...

Too much have been ignored over the past decades, those with the power to influence and amend these sad cases were too busy filling up their pockets with their cut from the economy.

And i'm not happy with how the new government started. Don't expect much to change in the near future.

Hilath said...

Mr. Karma, surveys or no surveys, your view on this issue makes total sense. We need to find vents by which our youth can release their steam.