Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nostalgia from Maldives music scene of the 90's

Oh yes, it was different. Good old days gone by. That was a time when motor bikes were for the elite few compared to now, and all my friends got by on bicycles. The only issue was everyone wanted to modify their bicycles with a BMX body and spares from Chopper bicycles so that it would make the 'tuk tuk' sound. So quite a number of times I myself lost my bicycle and had found it ripped apart at some narrow street.

A time where mobile phones were a science fiction fantasy, well for me and my friends at least. The only way to say hi to a girl was to roam in your bicycle until she finishes her tuition class and leaves for home. Follow her, give her a killi, get her number go home and call her (when nobody else is near the only telephone in her house). No Sms, no social network sites, no nothing except the good old life of simplicity.

Well that was just a scenario...not generalized at all. But I'm quite sure that it was more or less along those lines. Still capable of rising this nostalgia.

The most notable thing that happened during the 90's in the music scene was the show Painted Sound Illusion organized by a few young guys. The whole show was themed as a gig for original song writing bands, of which all were rock outfits. That was after the coming of the show called "Track". It was amazing to see all these rock bands playing their own compositions and having a good time. Among the famous bands then were Amixima, Death Bed, The Clashers, Afacraifa and Fasy's band to name a few. I don't recall all names of the bands so please excuse me. I was just a spectator enjoying the ride.

Everyone remembers Tharabe. In this instance not for his contributions in the football pitch or an assistant referee, in addition to being a musician and performer, he also used to rent his music room for these rock bands for rehearsal for MRF 50/- per hour. As I heard most of these bands at that time did not have their own instruments let alone a place to jam. So whenever any of these once-in-a-blue-moon gigs came along, they would arrange the songs with acoustic guitars sitting near their houses and come perform it at Tharabe's studio for an hour for 50 bucks. Such motivation and dedication. Amazing.

The cool part was that since there was just these few bands around that time, they all had to share Tharabe's studio among themselves. And instead of competitiveness or rivalry they all supported each other, and most of all had a lot of fun doing it. To me now all that seems a distant world. Where Male' was open till 2a.m and small kids thought about football, music, puppy love and swimming instead of violence, gang rape or drugs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Human Rights Commission of Maldives - A question for you

Please HRCM ask yourself this - Are you a part of the solution, or a part of the problem?

Because their statements are sounding more and more like a political party's. It's time for people to change the head of HRCM because of his warped-tunnel-vision thinking. What they are only doing is creating more unrest and turmoil with their "human rights concerns". The first shift of paradigm should be towards a more responsible Human Rights Commission of Maldives.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did HRCM spark the riots in Maafushi?

The Human Right Commission of Maldives could be responsible for sparking the current riot in Maafushi prison block U2.

Why would they mislead everyone by not defining what is a "container"? Inside the prisons it's a boiling cauldron waiting to explode, it just needs the right kind of spark for it to blow up. And the president of HRCM, Mr. Saleem has managed to do just that with his dramatic statements at the press conference. This is not Tom Cruise appearing on Oprah again, these are serious allegations capable of freaking out sympathy crazed law breakers.

After hearing that DRP was going to bring the current government down in 3 months, for a second I thought whether this was their big plan. I thought they are going to do a fake "Evan Naseem" incident and force Anni to shoot at the "heavens". So that they can topple the government with their gangs of murderers and corrupt judges.

I wonder how many years will it take for people to realize that politics does not care about the people of a nation, it only cares about its own survival.

Friday, October 9, 2009

MP Nihan - Vili-Golhabo

As I remember long ago there was this old man we called golhabo, the original golhabo perhaps. The guys from my area would hassle him whenever he would pass by. They would just call "Golhabo" at him and then sparks would fly, he will stop and start by shouting "Golhabo.." and then more filth to make anyone embarrassed. Well, this was the earlier Golhabo, even before Gayyoom was dubbed so.

It seems another has stepped up to claim the title of Golhabo, MP Nihan - the Vili - Golhabo. He seems to have all the qualities of the original Golhabo, perhaps even more than Gayyoom. As he reacted exactly like a Golhabo would when called a Golhabo. He could not muster up the dignity nor courage to face a couple of students, while claiming to be an MP of a democratic country. Instead he calls up a gang of thugs to intimidate these students so that he could satisfy his wounded ego.

Is Vilingili some private island that Nihan owns now that he is an MP from one of the districts there? Talk about over inflated egos and false sense of superiority. By reacting like a baby and throwing a tantrum on being called Golhabo, Nihan has dubbed himself as the new Golhabo. He has now invited all democratic loving citizens of Maldives to call him "Golhabo" whenever and where ever the occasion arises.

What goes around shall come around..

Mr. Nihan is so fired up to criticize the current government, so that a failed and brutal dictatorship can once again claim power, fails to take any criticism to himself it seems. They talk about hot blooded thugs who do not have any sort of integrity nor principles given posts as MPs. Nihan has proved it by this incident. And along with fellows like Mahloof and Ali Waheed contributing to it.

At least Umar Naseer had the guts to go and hit some one himself, as the video footage shows despite his complete denial. I just wonder where on earth would a Member of Parliament call a group of thugs to intimidate and threaten a bunch of students?

More? - Check this article on Jazeera Daily

Monday, October 5, 2009

Is it Taqdeer of just bad choices?

The Islamic view on taqdeer or destiny, is very straight forward.

"The overwhelming majority of religious minded people in general, and that of Muslims in particular, holds the following view. At the moment of Creation, Allah Almighty laid down the rules, which were to govern the operation of the Universe. He also decided the chronology, the timing and the manner of each and every event that was to take place till eternity (the end of the Universe). He also decided the actions and behavior of each and every individual product of His creation non-living matter, the living beings and of course Men. As the popular statement in Urdu says : ‘Not even a leaf stirs without His permission.' Many hold the belief that God alone has the authority to allocate Rizq (sustenance): that is why we see so much disparity in the distribution of wealth. Some believe that one's pre destiny can be changed through extensive prayers, good deeds and exalted intermediaries like saints. It is all a matter of pleasing God either by individual action / pleas or influencing His decisions through someone.

Many also believe that only the major events in one's life are pre determined (such as marriage and education) but not the minor steps leading to a particular major event. That, they say, is the demarcating line between Man's freedom of choice and his pre decided destiny. It is believed that each and every individual is subtly taken through life being driven Willy Nilly to one's destiny by the invisible hand of Fate. This view raises a number of intriguing questionns."

Taken from Short Articles: Religion, Science & Islamic Perspective

Does this mean that all our choices have been pre decided? So if some girl gets raped does it mean that Islam believes that it was already decided by god? What about the external physical aspects that influences our lives? If we get cheated or betrayed was it because we were meant to be or because of actions of other devious people? Or is it that the bad actions of others are justified because God knew about it in the first place?

Obviously logically this cannot be what it means by Taqdeer. As in the article in the link above, the author tries to to logically translate it to a more broad thinking modern populace. Whatever meaning the different scholars agree on, fundamentalists would not hesitate to take the verbal meaning straight from the Quran and warp it to their own liking, just as they have done to every other teaching of Islam.

He has created everything in a particular proportion and has determined the measures for its capabilities and potentialities.
Quran chapter 25, verse 2

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Greater Evil

Maldives have managed to break the cycle of a dictatorship of 30 years. Now we have to buckle up to face the obstacles that threaten our environment and make ends meet in an economic nightmare.

However after seeing some recent posts from fellow bloggers from Maldives, its obviously clear that the greater evil Maldives faces is a social one - the rise of extremists religious fanatics. I do not say that it's a religious issue because I do not believe that they are following the true ways of Islam, rather they follow a warped version of Islam designed to suite the Taliban warlords of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Some people on MV blogsphere have been given death threats because of they have addressed this issue. Writing about the extremists who even have slavery introduced to their closed circle, abuse of women and children have given them death threats. How can we tolerate this anymore in this modern democratic world?

People should understand that people with big beards and short pants are not the core believers of Islam, rather they are people who follow a belief system created by the terrorist groups to promote oppression and terror so they could practice their full power without a thought to human rights.

During the time of Prophet Mohammed's life - people from all over the world, Jews, Christians etc. came to see him and witness his claim of prophet-hood and see how authentic it was. High priests of other religious sects questioned him, not very politely sometimes and even ridiculed him and doubted him, calling him all sorts of names and even trying to kill him with sorcery and other ways. But none of these people were murdered or killed, rather the Prophet said he is here to spread the message, after all he was the Messenger of God. And he felt sad that people did not understand his message, whatever it was he did not issue death threats to them.

So why do some ignorant group of brain washed people give death threats to people in the name of Islam. They are not Muslims, but a cult of the subcontinent. People call for the condemnation of drug addiction in our country, but how is this any different?? Why are people afraid to discriminate these people? They have used religion as their shields, but the general public should be more aware of the teachings of Islam and not believe what the person down the next corner says to him. It is responsibility of all Muslims to help these ignorant people realize that Islam does not have dress code, do not enslave under age girls and that religion is suppose to evolve with time. Otherwise how could Quran be book for all ages?

If Islam was meant to not evolve with time in its interpretations, then it could not be a very smart religion. These extremists contradict themselves all the time. Some even have goats in their house so they can follow the sunnah of the prophet. They use twigs to brush their teeth because the prophet did that as well. But do you think the prophet will have used twigs then if he had tooth brushes and tooth paste? This is where logic comes in, this is why God would give the power to think and express to human beings. Unfortunately these extremists do not use their brains as its not theirs, it belongs to whoever is the head of the turban group.

I wonder why they even use motor bikes and modern form of transport in the city, they should get camels and donkeys for that.

Friday, September 25, 2009

DRP to whine internationally

According to an article in Minivan News, MPs from DRP, along with the misguided and misinformed Umar Naseer, are going to Colombo to initiate a press conference. Their aim is to whine and make themselves look like fools by trying to get international sympathy for Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, the undisputed brutal dictator of Maldives.

Apparently they are going to ".. highlight the government’s economic mismanagement, their increasing “autocracy” and alleged corruption".

By saying what I wonder? By telling the whole media that Maldives has now fallen into a dictatorship and that the only democracy we had was the thirty year rule by Maumoon? Forget the fact that for thirty years Maumoon contested in "elections" with himself as the sole candidate. How on earth are they going to justify this stupidity and idiocy? These are just a couple of puppets sent to Colombo to fight for just one person's wounded ego and bring shame to the Maldives as a whole.

And let us not forget that the plea for sympathy for the dictator is going to spearheaded by Umar Naseer, the former torturer of prisoners.

Here is a good example of where and how some these pathetic ideas come from - This quote is by a DRP member called Ahmed Ghalib to Minivan News.

".....“I came here tonight because I love Maumoon and my uncle Ali Arif is an MP. Maumoon did so many things for us. There was never an economic crisis like what we have going on today,” said Ghaalib....."

This statement by this fanatic shows the blind fanaticism some people have for Maumoon. It's clear that he loves Maumoon, why would anyone otherwise believe that the world economic crisis sprang because Maumoon was brought down from power. Or does he mean that by Maumoon not being able to hand over money from the state funds to his cronies anymore, they are facing an economic crisis of their own?

Does these people think that Maldives is the only place there is an economic depression? They blame everything on the fact that its because Maumoon was brought down from power. Maumoon has MPs and ignorant people like Umar Naseer fighting for his pricked ego, amazing how indoctrinated some people are that they just cannot wake up to reality. Now they want to humiliate Maldives by being clowns in front of international press.

The press will wonder when these people talk about the current government's autocracy, what they take as the definition of democracy and dictatorship. Because 30 years shows a dictatorship, and the fact that these people can whine anything they want now shows democracy.

- No Sympathy for the (devil) dictator -

"..please to meet you, I hope you guess my name..
whats troubling you is the nature of my game..."

We know the nature of your game Maumoon, we know it really well. Stop your whining in other countries, it's humiliating.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Live Life in Moderation

A long long time ago, during the time of the prophet lived a very devoted holy man. Due to his fanatical devotion to Islam, he lived in a far away cave completely isolating himself from the world so that he could meditate and pray in peace. Upon hearing about this man, the prophet commented that he is not truly on the right path of Islam, where the Muslim has to live within the normal society and not as an ascetic. The prophet is believed to have told man to balance his life so that his materialistic and spiritual desire remain in balance. To go into extreme in either of these would result in destructive behavior. Thus Live life in moderation. Balancing the spiritual and material aspect of life unlike the extremists preach us.

There is a distinctive difference between 'using' something and 'abusing' something.

Anything in excess is bad for an human - physically, emotionally, psychologically or even spiritually. We are prone to develop 'addictive personalities' due to certain factors in our lives. Whether you are addicted to work and become a workaholic, or addicted to food or sex, the psychological aspects of the disease is the same. Addiction. Resulting in destructive behavior jeopardizing not only our own life, but those of others around us.

The most commonly labeled type of addiction is 'drug addiction'. The reason for this would be because drug addiction dramatically harms not only the drug addict, but his family, those around him. And most prominently it becomes a nuisance to society. However this is not the only extreme behavior that is destructive, because drugs are not the only thing abused by people that becomes a danger to society.

If religion is abused instead of been used, the fundamental principle of drug addiction or any type of addiction becomes the same. It harms the person 'addicted' to it. Makes him an extremist. He gets brain washed and re-programmed to suite the way of life of his 'addiction'. He also extends his addiction to others. With drug addiction, the addict looks for more 'parteys' to join him and tries to convince his friends. Which is same in the case of an extremist wahaabee. The drug addict steals or spreads unrest to those around him due to his addiction, where the extremist oppresses and impose the stone age values of the Mullahs on others, which have no place in the modern society.

Just like drug addiction, religious extremism leads to destruction, pain and suffering in any society. We are all humans and we are all weak. Sometimes we fool ourselves to justify our actions that cannot be accepted within a society. Religious extremism leads to terrorism, death and imposing their way of life onto others. It regresses us back into the stone ages when slavery and child abuse was still allowed.

The greatest form of 'jihad' is the 'jihad' to one's "nafsu", or more broadly said as the 'mind'. Even above the 'jihad' in war defending your religion, homes and family, a Muslim foremost has to control and guard their actions & emotions - the ultimate 'jihad'.

I call for the government to not only think about the rehabilitation of drug addicts, but also the growing Extremists which has become the new epidemic of our nation. Live life in moderation!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adhaalath will destroy Maldives

I have seen a very alarming news article that said the Adhaalath and the Islamic Ministry, along with their minister the dangerous Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari plans to introduce Shariah law into the Maldives.

They claim the public will demand for it and when they do they will be ready to supply it. Currently they are happy with their propaganda in spreading extremist Islamic views in the country. While the only occurrences in Maldives, due to excessive supply of religion, has been the blasting of a home made bomb injuring group of innocent tourists in Male' (in the name of jihad), terrorism in Himandhoo with many police officers attacked brutally, or the coming of slavery where people enslave young girls as Jaariyas.

The Islamic ministry says that their intention is to make the public aware of religion. However I doubt this is their only objective, they will want to change every single aspect of life in Maldives that will suite their Mullah leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just like the Taliban, Adhaalath wants to terrorize the life of Maldivian people. God have mercy on us!

Now they have this channel, dedicated to their propaganda to brain wash young Maldivians to join their rigid, terrorist, extremist beliefs. The true value and teachings of Islam, both in the Holy Quran and the prophets hadiths, have been warped to suite these big bearded terrorists, who got their initiation and education from Mullahs of Pakistan. The Taliban strategy of using education to spread extremism before warfare seemed to have worked, at least to the ignorant fools who went to study there from Maldives.

The only way to fight it would be to cut off the supply, which is what is getting increased in Maldives. My only request as a moderate Muslim who wants my country Maldives to not suffer the fates of Afghanistan or Pakistan, is asking President Mohamed Nasheed to get the Adhaalath out of his boat. Otherwise they will sink it, along with the future of all Maldivian generations.

The beards are getting longer, the trousers are getting shorter, the ninjas are multiplying. In the international arena, Maldivians are beginning to be labeled, we who never had visa problem even in Europe cannot get visa sometimes due to spread of extremism in Maldives. Soon Maldives will be among those countries people view with suspicion, we will be checked and discriminated. Just due to some people who cannot adapt to modern life, (due to their failures and short comings as men) and impose fundamental beliefs only applicable few thousand years ago.

We can all see what Islamic extremism has done to other countries; by getting alienated from the world , citizens suffering wars and fighting, children dying or enslaved and the list is endless. Is this what we want to happen to Maldives?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Ibrahim Shafiu running scared?

The ACC has evidence that Ibrahim Shafiu, former DRP spokesperson has abused his power and defrauded Maldives Customs while he was the controller for immigration & emigration. According to Minivan News he is currently residing in Canada.

Now why is this not surprising? Ibrahim Shafiu is a low profile gangster who carried an attitude which in Maldives we refer to as "Ma-bodey". Isn't he smart for running away before the house of cards came tumbling down on his bald head. Now he sits in Canada with an account full of illegal money, (also which is haram) and explicitly conveying his guilt to the world by his get-away.

The ACC says they have the cooperation of the foreign parties involved, let us hope for the rights of the Maldivian people, the Canadian government hand over the fugitive to Maldivian authorities. People who played henchmen to Maumoon's brutal autocratic rule must be brought to justice, for the integrity of the our nation we need to wipe our slate clean from the deeds of these traitors.

Let us hope in this Holy month of Ramadan, God grant victory to the people who are fighting to bring this plague to a halt. And people like Abdulla Hameed, Yamin, Mr. and Mrs. Nazim, Ibrahim Shafiu and of course Maumoon be brought to justice!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Disgraceful to the world..

How do we stay safe from perverts,molesters and muggers in Maldives?

A day ago while I was walking this young boy who was about 13 or maybe younger came tried to touch my friend who is a woman way older than him between the legs .Maldives the so called safe,sunny side of life is definitely not a safe country .This happened in the capital male'.Another day some boys tried to snatch her purse.
Every crime on earth thrives on this country.The police doesn't seem to know what to do about these young perverts and juvenile delinquents.Me and my friend have to be here unfortunately for a little while longer.We'd like to know how to stay safe in Maldives a country full of perverts and muggers?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Why go to the maldives to stay in the capital where you do not see the beauty of it in the first place. I go to the maldives every year and this year will be my 4th we are going for three weeks. The islands are so lovely and the staff cant d enough for you and do not do anything like that. If yo wanted to see the city where you are then you will have to withstand it.


holiday there every year

  • stay in your hotel it is not worth the trouble you might not be so lucky next time

  • The Maldives is not FULL of perverts & muggers as you suggest.

    I am horrified that you think it is. However, do not walk along the street with expensive jewellery, flashy watches, necklaces etc., that only attracts trouble. Unfortunately many Asian countries are as you described, I live in Asia and am alone, female and middle aged and manage to take care of myself. Yes you get hassle from youngsters, but give them a firm 'Go away' do not make eye contact or engage in conversation, walk away at a pace not stroll away. At night always stay in lit public places, don't go out on your own.

    Keep valuables locked in a safe within your hotel.

    Just a little common sense will keep you safe.


    Live in Asia.

  • Unfortunately Maldivians find it acceptable to allow sexual assaults on women and children. In fact here you would get more jail time for drinking Alcohol than rape.

    I do not allow my wife and children to walk alone in Male especially at night and I agree with you that some young Maldivian men will grab your womens butt and breasts. I would advise against getting angry at them because as you would know most of these kind of people carry box cutter knives and will not hesitate to use them on you.
Taken from Yahoo! Answers page.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maumoon wants it all! Even your children's blood!

Maumoon is to be referred to as "President" even after he is out of office? I don't understand the logic behind this. Why is it so important to refer him as 'president' still?

Can you imagine the pathetic integrity of the person referred to as Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom?. He wants the indebted nation spend 3 million ruffiyaa per month on this old retard. Forget about the world economic crisis, forget about people queueing at S.T.O tents for cheaper foods, forget about people still suffering due to the tsunami.

Why does the DRP and Kaamineege family think that it is their god given right to be given titles and posts of power? They are no different from other citizens, there is a constitution that that applies to all citizens. But no, they want a separate bill to give Maumoon specific rights because he is the divine human sent by God to rule the citizens of Maldives.

Maumoon demands people respect him, Maumoon demands that he be given a higher status than anyone else, Maumoon demands that he is unique and untouchable. He demands the people of Maldives see him as their savior and demi-god. He demands all this by passing and changing the laws of the constitution to give all his desires to him. Which means all the past generations and the future generations to come is insignificant compared to this old man.

If Maumoon had any compassion or well wishes for the people of Maldives, he will not demand 3 million ruffiyaa per month in different benefits when the people of Maldives cannot even withdraw more than $300 from their debit cards. This is no surprise to me. But I find so many people thinking with the pre-programmed mind of theirs which believe Maumoon is actually someone who had done something good for his country.

Any citizen should ask yourself, are you happy with the society of Maldives now? It has progressed, but change and evolving will eventually happen in time, and people should realize that the nation could have been very different with sensible people running the country. Some Maumoon lovers blame the current MDP government for the economic crisis and everything that's been happening now. If DRP wishes to deceive the people of Maldives with such propaganda, it just says that they regard all citizens as dumb as goldfishes to believe it.

Can 30 years, or 9 months influence the growth and state of anything? Imagine a man who is 30 years old and is evil, corrupt and uncontrollable. Do you think his whole 30 years would have contributed to this state or just the last 9 months of his life? What would make more sense to you?

The best thing that could happen to all of Maldives is the death of this old parasite. There is absolutely no chance of this disease leaving our lives on its own accord. We have to cut off the cancer from the body since it has infected us too deeply.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Interview with Mr. Badhuru: The Induction Ritual

Mr. Karma
: Can you explain us the ritual?

Mr. Badhuru: I was in a place where nobody understood English, only a few could speak some words here and there. And of course I had no access to anyone who could, completely isolated from the main community. I was at the Sick Bay. And I had no reason to be there.

Before the ritual I was blind folded.

Mr. Karma: How are you summoned?

Mr. Badhuru: We are just called and made to sit on the "Red" stool. Ex-communicato or something. Which meant nobody could talk to me. I was given a blank paper with only a heading that said "Drop Guilt".

Mr. Karma: What does this paper signify? Where you blinded folded then?

Mr. Badhuru: No, this was before they blind folded me. The purpose of the paper, like the headind said was to 'drop your guilt'. In other words we jot down everything that we had done in the past that is remorseful, confess everything onto the paper. Cleanse your self of all the dark deeds buried in the past.

Mr. Karma: Okay, please go on.

Mr. Badhuru: Then after that I was blind folded and four people came and told me to 'trust them'. I had to follow their guidance and navigate myself blindfolded to where they were taking me. I followed their directions, down some steps, climbing, turning with only their voices as an indication.

I was eventually told to stop and made me enter a room which was dead quiet. I was told to sit. The moment I sat on a chair they provided, a voice in front of me loudly shouted "What the fuck are you doing here?". There were a few people in the room, this much I knew. Blind folded I had to answer questions coming from left right and center.

Mr. Karma: What questions were you asked?

Mr. Badhuru: Many questions regarding my past. At one point I was asked whether I want to go in life like the way I was, blind. When I said no and that I don't want to be blind, they took my my blind folds off. In the center was a senior person while on both sides there were two on each of his sides sitting. It was a small room, and I was seated in front of these five strangers. They kept asking many questions, they were referring to the 'Drop Guilt' paper I had given earlier. They drilled me and made me tell every dark thing about my life.

Mr. Karma: Okay. Go on.

Mr. Badhuru: Then I was again blindfolded and taken out the same way, I had to again follow the voices to make my way to where they took me. I understood that this was to build blind trust, part of the ritual.

I was taken to somewhere it was dead quiet, strangely in was in the open. Then suddenly another voice started speaking very loudly. The voice said "You have been living your life like a blind person, not seeing how destructive your actions have been."

"You are here because your life has reached a dead end and you are nothing".

He told me that my blindfold will be removed but not to open my eyes yet. I was told to extend my hand. The voice was saying "Extent your hand palm upwards". My blind fold was removed and put into my extended hand. I was told that all the guilt I had been carrying is in my hand now, the voice told me to imagine all the bad deeds and pain, and told me to channel all those thoughts into the blindfolds now squashed in my hand.

Mr Karma: How did you feel then?

Mr. Badhuru: The the voice asked me "Do you want to let go of all that pain?". I said "Yes". Because I really could imagine all the pain and regret are the squashed piece of cloth in my hand. He told me to throw the blindfold in my hand to the count of three, i was told to throw all the darkness as hard I can. I had not opened my eyes yet during all this. Then suddenly when I thought I was alone with only this voice, there came a roar of people counting "3, 2, 1, Throw it!!".

I threw what was in my hand imagining it was all the pain I have been through and all the pain I have caused. And opened my eyes.

To my surprise there were about 100 people forming a ring around me and smiling warmly. Then I saw the senior person who had been giving me all these instructions also there. Now in front of me there was a table with a candle lit. The ominous feel had gone.

I was asked "What do you see when you look at the candle?". I knew this was another symbolic question. So I looked at the burning candle. And I could only see one thing, the candle was like my life, slowly burning out and I knew I had to stop that.

I said "This candle is like my life". Then the questioner asked me, "Do you want to let your life burn away like that, slowly fading to nothing?". I said "No". He said "Then blow it out". So simply I just blew the candle out and the whole crowd making a ring around the ritual erupted with shouting and applauding. The ritual was done.

Mr. Karma: Did you feel any difference?

Mr. Badhuru: I actually felt replenished, reborn and definitely lighter because I got the opportunity to throw away my guilt that's been buried very deep in the past. During the whole ritual I felt alone, scared, angry at times been addressed like an outcast but once I took the blindfold away and see the ring of people waiting for me to finish the ritual, to welcome me into their family as a new person, with new meaning, it felt really good.

Mr. Karma: Then what happened?

Mr. Badhuru: They all sang the song "You ain't heavy, you're my brother" and one person took me to every single person around me and introduced me. Each one hugged me and said "Welcome to the family".

Account of Mr. Badhuru on the Induction Ritual in Persatuan Pengasih, Malaysia. A therapeutic community for drug addicts.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How to fight Islamic Extremism?

The Burqa Syndrome

Wearing the Burqa has been banned in some colleges in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. The colleges banned wearing for reasons of their own and had been met with students protesting. It was reported in Times of India newspaper on 21st of August.

Below the article there is another headline that said "Burqa not part of Islam".

According to the article a renowned Islamic scholar - Maulana Wahiduddin Khan said

"Burqa is not part of Islam. It is a part of culture, the culture that the people of the subcontinent have been for following for ages. Nobody can enforce a dress code in the name of Islam. It is categorically un-islamic."

The author of Discovering Islam From Its Original Sources said

"Man or women, anyone can wear anything they feel is decent. What matters is your truthfulness and honesty in character".

A Nation of Insecure Men

Among the reasons stated in Islamic scripts regarding the wear of burqa and covering a woman's decency, how much does it really got to with being beneficial to the woman her self? To cover a woman's decency yes, but its mostly to do with the insecurity of men and their belief that the Islam man has a very dirty mind.

The women are also sent on a guilt trip by convincing them that the husbands with suffer hell if their wives did not wear a burqa. Or they are given a lot of fear talk implying that there will be fewer women in heaven, and those are the one's who do not wear a burqa or not be a submissive wife.

God is really in the image of a male chauvinist pig. Could women be something more than objects sent to men to bear their children? To suffer at the whim of idiots due to their short-comings and fear of losing their wives to someone else?

A Failed Concept

The Burqa is already a failure. Wearing the Burqa does not stop men from staring at a women and inhibiting dirty thoughts. The Burqa has become a fashion accessory - girls wear Burqa with tight tops and tight jeans, showing how ineffective the real purpose of wearing it has become.

The Burqa is mostly worn because of peer pressure rather than due to a persons religious belief. I've seen islands with 100% burqa, even small little kids wear them while playing out in the sun and sand. How would one or few women feel when everyone wears burqa and you are the odd one out by not wearing it?, they have no choice but fall under the pressure.

Burqa has become notorious in the hands of thieves and terrorists. They use it to shoplift or carry out terrorist activities while been able to hide their identity. How convenient for "jihad".

Cut Off The Supply

Islam extremism is on the verge of taking over all Maldivians way of life. The demand for it is getting high, and the only way to fight the demand for religious extremism would be to cut off the supply. About 10 - 15 years ago in Maldives people were not looking for extreme religiousness as way of escaping the realities of life, because there was no supply then. Once a few people got an opportunity through scholarships to go to Pakistan or middle east to study, most of them came back indoctrinated with extremism and started supplying it to the public. Now today we see how high the demand for it has risen.

Maldives not only faces a drug epidemic, it also faces extremism which is equally destructive. A parallel story had been developing all along with the spread of drugs, almost having the same principles. Drugs started to spread when the supply of it started to get flooded in Maldives, same as Islamic extremism. Both of these demons target the youth and destroys their lives by making them addicted to it. Both of these things oppresses & controls the person and rigidly tunes them to the way of life suited only to them. And in the process it makes them hurt other people in the name of their beliefs.

A way of life. There is always a choice.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Intellectual Masturbation

What will happen if you give some monkeys a bucket of paint and brushes, and ask them to paint a magnificent work of art?

Nonetheless that no one thought to ask whether these monkeys can actually paint. It's just a common way for people to let the world know they are stupid.

It's like giving a flute to a fish and telling them to blow it. It's like expecting a dog to moo. It's like telling an extremist that his trouser is too short and his beard too long.

It's also same as giving a lot of money to a backward self-dubbed intellect to buy certificates, and told to blog as a form of propaganda which that person defines as "activist" work. Many questions would arise. How did such a person's parents get enslaved by a dwarf posing as a giant? Debt and lunacy perhaps? In turn they have indoctrinated a daughter who has to shave her mustache every other day.

I have seen. 'Keyboard gangsters' and those who are experts in 'intellectual masturbation'. It helps fight moments filled with utter boredom.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Disintegration of the Ego

Reality as we know it is a fabricated bunch of laws that try to ground the human being, to make man be controlled, to contain them in an environment that suits some religion, belief or a government.

Some where back in time the human unconscious felt the urge to pursue materialism. With the dissent of spirituality and mysticism, man's ego sprang up like flower, blooming into the spirit of man and corrupting it to the core. Now only one dimension existed, that is the one in which we have to pay our bills, work our asses off and live like a responsible human tuned to a strict routine. Ego has not only flawed us within, it has created many defects that alter our personalities to hate, to succumb, to be enslaved, to be blind, and it has sourly made us lose a bit of love, a bit of understanding and a bit of acceptance.

The disintegration of the ego is something different. It's knowing that we are all part of a connected organism that has been evolving for eternity. A single life is worth just an atomic fragment of the grand scheme of things; in the infinite cosmic dance we are just an insignificant peck.

Man's ego will disintegrate when you walk out the door, as Huxley said, you will not be quite the same person when you return through it. Through the door, or down the rabbit hole - the journey is in the hands of the traveler. A great lord of dance might speak to you while in his trance, as in that state normal humans cannot reach him. or it could be your worst nightmare. And it's you choice to accept and get wise from the experience.

It's an obligation to your soul, now forget materialistic goals. Dissolve your ego and witness the cosmic ego, the hidden layers of light and dimensions that shows you the connection of everything into one, a great unification of all spirits.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Dawn of Youthday

Sunrise in Male'
Originally uploaded by visualunion

Youth-day begins.

The youth of Maldives are rotting away to drugs or gang violence. Otherwise a majority of minors are sexually abused either mostly by a close family member or relative. The education levels are going down rather than up. Many of our youth are still idle 85% of their time. "Idleness is the Devil's workshop" they say.

Many of our youth are lured by the religious extremists to join their cults. Brainwashing them and inaugurating them into their close society where 'jaariya's and goat herding exist. Both of which are sex slaves to the bearded-man.

Youth day dawns. And I pray that our future generations will have a happier childhood and a stimulated youth, which will make them fulfilled, honorable people of their life time.

And be free as the human spirit can be.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The lifeline of a generation

Would it surprise the children, that there never was a tooth fairy? But why should he ask he thought. He had no right to rob the children of their happiness. Besides, Santa is just a magic mushroom. But he will, because that's what he never had.

The big bearded bear-like-man sat behind the microphone. He also sat behind a golden throne, in his head of course. "What is my duty?". He never wonders who he is asking this. Is it his academically gained logic, or his faith? So where does he get his wisdom from?

The answer to this question is very simple. He gets his wisdom from his short comings as growing up human. So he says "My duty is to enslave you".

Here we have some one who had possibly been an outcast as a child. The weird one who always kept frowning. The one who had a strict father who occasionally beat him up. This is someone who really needed love. He carries that void within himself still with longing, yet now his warped view of the world makes him this stupid retard.

What wisdom? The microphone lets his camel breath enter into its diaphragm, that turns the acoustic vibrations into an electrical signal with the help of a magnetic coil. These electrical signal then traveled through wires, into the sound mixer, then into the amplifiers and out to the speaker system. Then it travels out in it's original form of a sound wave to infect other peoples thoughts. It's not only lies, it started with a camel breath.

After his wisdom he sleeps like a bear. And he will not hibernate, as it will violate his principle of terrorizing and moral policing of the free people. After all he is not alone in his crusade to enslave the human spirit. To end the lifeline of a generation. To end freedom.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Demon, the Butterfly and the Well

Addicted to power. There is a path that is often chosen, along with the desire for materialistic perfection. The soul in return is left to perish of hunger, left to endure a painful longing for a release. The soul will slowly deteriorate without spiritual induction. But do not confuse spirituality with religiousness. One simple way to see it is that "religious" is being devoted to scripture and blinding yourself to all else, and "spiritual" is too vast a word it could most simply be described as just being "good".

That's just one point of view. While the "religious" will say that view is just wrong simply because its not their view. And the "spiritual" will say "Yes - everyone is entitled to their opinion, there is no good or bad, just weak and strong".

I'm not saying that spirituality and being religious are two ends of a pole, to the contrary both support each other and let each other grow, it's symbiotic. However the outcome of these two concepts can be very different.

And now comes a stronger force that tends to overwhelm both the spiritual and the religious; the demon known as materialism. It's in the modern collective unconscious to seek the comforts of the world, the unsaid path to the ultimate, or pre-laid destiny. Or so one is thought to believe from birth. What waste of the soul, what a waste. Our Higher Power, our One will shed tears of sadness. It's like giving a hungry child a banana, and suddenly seeing him peel and throw the fruit and eat the outside instead.

One thing all people of all races, all nations and all time would agree: When you die and your soul leaves the living, you do not take any of your materialistic possessions. In fact you leave this world cold and naked, rotting and decaying into the earth. The only thing that matters would be how your life impacted those around you, because you will only live in their memories after death.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rootlevel influences

The space cadet never realized how infected he was. The old culture, the old sayings, the old beliefs, the unwritten rules,..

The collective conscious of the toy town and the warped sense of right and wrong. The sword of justice is wielded by the hands of destruction. Now where once it was safe, it is not.

The space cadet realized how infected he was. It's like a rope tied to his feet and anchored in this god forsaken land. A heavy rusted anchor. He thinks, he assumes. What he believes is what is, yet it is not the truth. He thinks about how others would think of him and loses an important element. The infection is so deep it controls his thoughts and sense of right and wrong, high and low, black and white.

We wear a million masks everyday. Yet fail to see the real face of who society was given a chance to corrupt.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can't fight Hate with Hate

For anyone who have read my previous blog entries, you will find my hatred and anger towards the former regime is very obvious. Maybe it's bottling all those feelings and thoughts for a long time and the dawn of a new democracy in Maldives. I have carried these sentiments within me since Majeediyya school to until now. I have carried it during my artistic and destructive days.

Yes. I was a victim of Maumoon's regime's brutality and incompetency.

Yes. I think Maldives has become pathetic due to 30 years of negligence by Maumoon's stale government. But yet I still love Maldives simply because it's my country. And this love makes me hate. But now I feel I hate to hate anything because it just spirals the hatred on.

Maybe it's time to forgive the 30 years of rape of our country? I know one thing for sure, this forgiveness might grant me freedom, and not of be attached too closely with issues regarding my country. But will it make me feel better. I don't know.

But it's a step towards a change. Its a choice, whether I want to join the hatred and evil of Maumoon's regime by hating them back; or just transcend this shit for good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The tantrum carrier: Umar Naseer?

Is Umar Naseer, the failed leader of the IDP given the responsibility of carrying Ghassaan Maumoon's tantrum because of his loss of the Thimarafushi seat?

Umar Naseer perhaps is one of the most misguided, warped and retarded person with a false sense of gung-ho in politics in Maldives today.

His ideas were so backward and stupid he got less than the amount of disqualified ballots during the presidential election. When will he get the message? Nobody cares about him, or takes him seriously for that matter.

It's obvious his reason for being in politics is something personal, or that he's got so many strings attached he can't help but dance like a puppet. This is a person formerly known during his police days as the "Chief Torturer". Every one knows he broke many people, including a backbone of well known exile in UK.

Now he is carrying Ghassaan maumoon's tantrum because the little golhabo lost the Thimarafushi seat. Ghassaan's got a chance after his tantrum at the court after the first round, which was declared void due to the accusations in the court case. And now Umar Naseer is going to challenge the MDP member who won the Thimarafushi seat in the supreme court, allegedly due to some debts the member had. It's so funny.

Everyone would assume that since its the leader of another political party challenging the MDP member it has nothing to do with the little golhabo. But I'm sure few would have missed Umar Naseer's obvious affiliations, or the smart photos of him sitting at the front row of the recent DRP gathering.

Have you dropped out?

Yes. I'm sick of seeing this rerun of a movie that's been played before my eyes over and over again. Everyone is judging the other with their own values and trying to weigh who is wrong and who is right.

But who can tell the difference? Who can say who is just or unjust? Who will point their finger and know that there are three fingers pointing at you at the same time?

Differences. Differences. Differences.

These conflicts around me is draining the energy out of mother earth. This place is becoming hell.

I'm dropping out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The principle of boomerang

The Principle of boomerang; What goes around shall come around.

The collective unconscious of our minds form an energy that connects all living forms in this world. This collective unconscious guides our fate, its a phenomenon that is a known fact. Some people call it karma.

To prove that this collective unconscious or this immense energy connects all living things and influences the cause and effect of one's life, scientists performed an experiment using rats. The rats were put in a complicated maze where they had to find a piece of hidden cheese while they were being timed. Then after it was done on some rats, they changed venue to another location and used the rats that lived there. The early rats in time had mastered the location of the cheese compared to their initial timings, however the new bunch of rats performed it just the same without any initial trial and error. Proving that the knowledge and instinct developed by the first experimented rats were passed on to their counterparts in a farther location through their collective unconscious.

Just like when a civilization in a far part of the world discovered the wheel, and without any contact with each other another civilization discovers it soon there after. The knowledge is shared by the collective unconscious of the human race.

The principle of boomerang says that what you do, or say or think will go into our collective unconscious and that energy will come back to us in a similar form. So if we send out negative vibes, then negative vibes will come to us like a boomerang. So if we do, say or think positive good thoughts, then good things will come to us.

Remember, what goes around shall come around. Spread good karma, brighten your aura.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yo Maumoon!! What ya gonna do about it?! Haha!

The little drama queen, a.k.a Golhabo staged a major commotion just because he was summoned to the police station. Every thief or murderer should be expected to eventually go to the police one day or the other. But alas no! Not Maumoon the divine little swine, the rightful king immortal of Maldives.

This is why I voted for MDP and Anni, I wanted to see this day, and of course to see the day Maumoon is tried in court and made to pay for all the crimes he has committed against the nation.

I wonder whether Maumoon was able to sleep last night with his over inflated ego a little pricked. Well like they say - "be careful for what you ask for, you just might get it". Maumoon should have remained home, resigned from politics and stuck to needle work with Nasreena when he lost the election. But when you have a disease of addiction to power, how can he just accept his failure and treason and stay home. Oh no, and let us not forget the parasites of his regime like Raagondi Raajaa a.k.a Kokkofulhu Yamin who's there to poke Maumoon's butt hole for him to become the pathetic old fool he is today.

Why make such a big issue out of it, just go to the police station you bugger! But you needed to be super star again didn't you, bask in the spot light and make a few middle aged women faint?

Maumoon will always be one and one thing only - A Golhabo.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adhaalath's protest: A group of impotent monkeys

The protest by Adhaalath yesterday for imposing hadd and the calling for the resignation of Minivan News editor is a huge pile of camel crap.

The Adhaalath supporters are a bunch of sick freaks that think from end of their impotent penises. Why would they otherwise think for some reason that this hadd issue is so important, rather than use what Allah gave them, their brains.

The Adhaalath supporters should also protest against the use of modern transport such as cars, motor bikes etc and call for the use of only camels and donkeys, because that's what were used for transport during the time of the prophet. They should also ban tooth brushes and tooth paste and impose the use of twigs to brush your teeth.

This whole incident in Maldives has once again proven to the world that fundamentalist Islamic thinking and democracy cannot share a symbiotic relationship. Its sad to see that Islam had made these "wahhaabees", who are psychologically unstable and has addictive personality, think through a tunnel. Where is the wisdom and timelessness bestowed within the Holy Quran?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adhaalath: The Poison of Maldives

This post is a reaction to this blog post by Hilath.

I have opposed the previous government even before the party system and continued through out last years election supporting MDP's candidate Anni until the finish line. When Maumoon was deposed peacefully, it was one of greatest moments of Maldivian history.

However with Adhaalath tightening its noose on the government and trying to impose shariah law into a country born and progressed with tourism, (in Adhaalath's words "haram money"), my support to MDP government now lies in balance.

I never thought there could be anything worse happening to our country than the 30 years of rape by the Golhabo clan. But it seems Adhaalath could be able compete with that. One thing I know is I will not vote for a goverment with Adhaalath at its heel in the next election.

Its true Maldivians have a fear of opposing any religious issue because it might mean you are an infidel. I think religion should be taken objectively by everyone, in their own understanding and pursue the knowledge on their own. I don't believe a God would want His followers to oppress, kill, impose values in the name of jihad that are unrealistic now although it might have been realistic in the time of the prophets. Change is the only constant, I don't think a God would be so stupid as to give religion that cannot adapt to change and progress.

I don't fear to call to thieves a thief, or a murderer to murderers. I don't understand why people should fear calling extremists an extremist!? And just tell them to their face to take their fundamental Islamic gibberish into their "Atharu" scented homes. Islam justifies 4 wives, but how can these 'Wahhaabees" justify bedding them all at once? As far as I know that's called an orgy. I've heard they even lend each other their wives if one of the wives are going through her menstruation period. Yeah, its crazy alright.

One thing I was always afraid was questioning Islam inside my heart. Could it be blasphemous to question one's faith? I realized not. Why would a God give you a brain and not expect you to use it?

I wonder how many people ask yourselves why do you follow Islam? Is it because its the religion you were born into? Or is it because of choice?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Kodaikanal: A Cosmic Journey

The cosmic voice of the infinite spoke. All is one. It's easier to understand now.

Nataraja's dance envolopes those in his presence, locked in a trance yet an infinite cosmic journey. All is one. A single life seems so insignificant when you flow through the river of life.

Kodai. So beautiful. the mists shrouded valleys, winding pathways through entwined greenery. The oneness with all, is dreamy and filled with fits of laughter.

Looking for the Hobbits and Galdalf. The bugs and spiders, the Pear trees, yellow and violet vibrant flowers.

A great cosmic voice guides you. Saying that everything's at its right place. You are at the right place, flowing through a river of trance.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson dies: His music will live forever.

Just saw the news on the web about the passing away of the king of pop, Micheal Jackson in Los Angeles. He reportedly had a cardiac arrest and paramedics were unable to revive him. He was 50 years of age. He was rehearsing in L.A for extraordinary comeback gigs scheduled for this July.

I'm not sure there's anyone in my generation who have not heard and not liked Micheal Jackson's music. His album "Thriller" is considered one of the greatest albums of all time. He's rated with the great music legends such as The Beatles and Elvis.

The world will miss him. May his soul journey to the great cosmic spirit.

More news on this here.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flashbacks from Nitrogen

I'm wondering how many more crossroads lie ahead on this winding path that I walk. It's true, 'life is just a dream', although a bit confusing with the 'social norms' and various constitutions of governments, who's sole intent is just to control the people's mind and body. Not all are capable of realizing that the physical restrictions cannot imprison your soul.

But every time I came across a crossroad in the past, little did I realize that the choices I had before me could alter my life forever. And each time I felt that those choices were mostly influenced by these external or physical components rather than from within my inner aura. Or so I still think.

Ten years ago, in 1999 I did PADI instructor development program and became an Open Water Dive Instructor(OWSI). I was barely able to apply then as I was 18, ( I was told nobody had done it in Maldives at that time at the minimum age possible), and I had been certified in open water course a year before. I just completed my Dive master at Sea Explorers and worked for a month, until I was told by a senior instructor that why don't I go to the IDC. The PADI regulations are a bit loose now where you only need to be certified only 6 months and other requirements such as need to become an assistant intructor before applying for OWSI.

Ironic thing was when I did my first Open Water course in Embudu Village with a couple of friends, I was the only one who failed in the final written exam of the course and had to redo it. I was butt of that joke for sometime. And a year later when the same friends wanted to do the next course, which was Advanced open water course, here I was the instructor doing it for them. hehe.

As I retrospect on this chapter of my life and during the time I worked for few years in two dive schools in Male', I can't but wonder where had I reached that crossroad which made me go away from diving and completely altered the course of my life. If I had continued diving as a career, eventually I would have left Male' and it would have changed my life completely. I can't say I whether I would have regretted it or not.

Its actually really clear what made me change my career. And contemplating about it won't change anything. But I have very fond memories of those days, when I had the chance to introduce people to a new world, a world where everything was full of peace and harmony. I have always loved the ocean, there's always been a deep lure behind the tranquil sway of the waves. And once you feel the peace of the underwater experience, being emerged into an AUM in itself, its hard to forget it. And thats just without the beauty and grace of the corals.

Perhaps one day I might return to it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's the scene?

Hello Hello Hello

Stretch fingers, check!

Its been a while since I have written on this blog. I've been away doing nothing, just entangled in a mental & physical journey, traveling. All this time, things that I thought mattered to me have deteriorated.

Project Moo coming up soon to the blog. Conversation with Shiva and a dream for the trance dance experience to pass into Maldives.

Immersed in a culture of diversity and religion. Its a shame the materialistic devils in us have killed the spiritual understanding, limited as it was. I'm sad Maldives has been disappointing, year after year.

With religious fundamental blind folds, our nation is bankrupt not only financially, but every other wise.

But I'm determined to continue my journey, to find a better spiritual platform.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bengaluru: As they say...

This is a post after a long time. The past few months allowed me to disintegrate from the foggy and misled trip I I took, with or without my own consent, it seemed very inhuman.

Anthropologists saying, which I heard on a cheesy comedy: "Anthropologists believe immersing yourself in an outside culture allows you to ultimately understand your own".

Or maybe its the trees. Or the simplicity and the colorful dress code. I don't know. But the lack of corrupt drama, where I realized once it had became political back home, everything has only become that. Now its like a ping pong game where the people's thoughts are tossed around by political parties and the press. And its politics, politics, politics. Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, an actor and any corrupt business man who have become rich by selling his little fish with his butt-in-the-air...,all seem to have been born into a political party, of which they switch from one to another as fleas would in a jammed dog house.

And the vibrations of the terror lurking in Pakistan is also felt here. Everything that's good, has become a hot spot for terror. Music, fun laughter has become a police raid invitation in Bangalore. People used to pay them, but they now take the money (due to the economic crisis?) and still bust you and take more on bail money. But all in all, this diversified cultural nation with colorful rainbows in the sky, sometimes feels like a black hole. Thanks to the Islamic extremists, this is truly terror. Its sad to see this darkness in a place where people make mango juice, chai and charas and dance in Holi with Bhang running down your chins...

And again back home. I wondered how low can it go...and its going lower. Murder, rape,..the haven of paedophiles..and the same old stories been told differently. Plus that stupid Umar Naseer has become the lamest person in my book..scoring remarkable lame points of a 100!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shiva: Lord of many things...

There never was a time when the whole human race lived in complete harmony and contentment. In Maldives majority of people could reflect on their roots and would be only able to see a distorted history, shards of idols and lingums, and the catalytic rise and fall of Rannamaari.

This little blue baby travelled everywhere and he would have eventually reached Maldives, at that time nothing but scattered little islands. But he was no fisherman. He had a ride called Nandi and integrated into people's mind and spirit, gluing the material with the immaterial.

Shiva the god of destruction. And the lord of many things...An end creates a beginning. But the seeds of truth gave light to the people of Maldives. But was this how it was written? On whose book? Why does it have to be so black and white, when all there is kaleidoscope rainbow of colors.

And today those that have their blood come out of Garda, the extremist religious fanatics. Make your paratas and smoke your charas. Don't indoctrinate people with your travel agency granting people one way tickets to heaven. Remember Shiva.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

8 PM - Morph & disintegrate

Open the gates that won't barge.


Chilaxing on the chair made for electricution..fry your brains out!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Maafushi Women's Jail: Two months locked up with TB

An inmate in Maafushi women's jail realized she had a lump on her throat sometime in December 2008. She wasn't eating well and started to look ill day after day. After being taken for a check up by the prison authorities, the doctor diagnosed her with Tuberculosis (TB).

Then in December 2008 after she was diagnosed with TB, she was taken back into her block in Maafushi, to mingle with the rest of her 24 female block mates.

Lets see what TB actually is:
According to wikipedia's article on Tuberculosis:

" Tuberculosis (abbreviated as TB for tubercle bacillus or Tuberculosis) is a common and often deadly infectious disease caused by mycobacteria, mainly Mycobacterium tuberculosis [1]. Tuberculosis usually attacks the lungs (as pulmonary TB) but can also affect the central nervous system, the lymphatic system, the circulatory system, the genitourinary system, the gastrointestinat system, bones, joints, and even the skin"
"Tuberculosis is spread through the air, when people who have the disease cough, sneeze, or spit. One third of the world's current population has been infected with M. tuberculosis, and new infections occur at a rate of one per second"

"We started to ask the prison authorities to immediately provide us (all other inmates) with medical check -up when we found out that our fellow inmate had TB" says one of her block mates. "And we wanted her to get proper medical attention plus quarantine measures taken, if it was necessary" she asked. "Who wants to be infected with TB?"

Each inmate had to share a cell with another. The cells open at 5:30 am and closes it at 11pm. During that time, they eat, drink, mingle together. There's no restriction until the deadline of 11pm, but otherwise the cell mates are in contact almost all of the time.

After relentless pressure from the inmates and the unfortunate inmate's family, they moved her out of the prison block on 24th of January 2009 for proper medical attention. The next day, which was 25th January 2009, the other inmates wrote a formal letter to the Corrections department, pleading to provide all the remaining inmates with a medical check up to make sure that none of them are infected with TB as well. They had been asking for this since they found out that one of them had TB in December 2008, nothing had been done about it.

They were forced to live with TB for almost two months.

The women inmates of Maafushi jail are still waiting for response from the authorities to their letter.

"Oh, they never reply anyway" says an inmate. "We've sent many letters as such but they never get answered" she retorts.

Many of the inmates are mothers themselves. They have a right as human beings to know if they are infected with a dangerous disease such as TB, after been forced to live with it for almost two months. Lets say hypothetically, you had a choice and your bed mate was suffering from TB, will you still sleep with him? But unfortunately in this case, these women did not have that choice.

While that letter awaits at who-ever's office desk at the department of corrections, many people are giving a deaf ear to this issue. Because criticizing the prison is criticizing the government. And criticizing the government is criticizing Anni and MDP, which will also give DRP something to rant about. Even Minivan news did not respond when they were made aware of this issue at the women's prison, would that have happened while Maumoon was in power I wonder.

The letter the women inmates sent could just get shredded like the rest of their "stupid" letters. It would be an easy job to be at the corrections department and shred the letters the big man at corrections dumps out, while the people of the Maldives pays you to do it. The point is the plea of the inmates still remains. All the women inmates at Maafushi is only just asking the Correction department, or whatever agency that would help them to not give them a deaf ear. They are only asking for being given medical check up whether they have the TB virus or not. They just want to know whether they are safe to go near their children, mothers, father, husbands or friends.

If anyone knows a way to help these poor inmates at the women's prison please do something about it. Go a few degrees, pull a few strings or speak to someone who has the right influence at the right place. I assure you all, I'm doing what I can.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review: Fine Art & Photo Story Exhibition

Reviewed on January 14th 2009.

The Fine Art & Photo Story Exhibition is been held at the National Art Gallery in Male, Maldives from 10th to 17th January 2009. Considering the amount of creative photographers and artists that exist in Maldives, these type of workshop exhibitions are a rare thing in our society. And this is something that deserves a standing applause, not only due to the fact it that it would promote art in the Maldives, it will also create a positive impact withing our social dynamics.

The photos' were more of a series where it told a specific story by the photographer. There were many free fine art sculpture type of exhibits as well. The atmosphere was filled with a live band playing soothing atmospheric music. Musicians from different bands collaborated and jammed while visitors could enjoy the art exhibits. The pictures I'm posting are from the Fine Art & Photo Story Exhibition. All rights are reserved by the respective artists.

The music as I said was performed by various musicians jamming together. These are some of the pictures of the band.

Appi from the band 1984 and Adham - Bassist from 0 Degree Atoll jamming at the exhibition.

Other Musicians from 'Atolls' music label. ( To my assumption)

The concept of the Fine Art & Photo Story Workshop exhibition was 'to create a platform for the young fine artists and photographers to learn from each others work and process'. The idea was to provide artists and photographers ground to explore and broaden their understanding of conceptual works, techniques and application.

"We wanted young artists and photographers to open their minds to more possibilities" says one of the Developer and Coordinator of the Workshop & Exhibition, Mr. Umair Badeeu.

"One picture can tell a story, but a series of pictures can be more impactful in telling a story" said Umair.

"These type of exhibitions are something we hope to create more frequently in the future"

The event was not only to create space for developing artistic skills, but to make art more accessible to the public and generate a creative dialogue in our society.

"The artists' enthusiasm was great!", remarked Hassa.

"They were are the one's who even requested for the bands in come in" said Hassa, who was helping in the National Art Gallery coordination.

There were couple of very creative Fine Art pieces including this one with pink slippers leading to a window that shows a paradise.

There was a cool piece of work were you got to peek through a hole in a box made of used tin from a roof, I've tried to post a picture below of what you see inside the when you peek through the hole. It was a unique concept of art. oh, you needed a flash light view this artistic creation.

The exhibition was not only about art. It was also a lot of mingling and making of new friendships in the creative society on Maldives. Many visitors were artists and photographers as well, giving their thoughts and appreciating their college's works.

I met a old friend of my from high school days. He is great artist and now works as a professional photographer.

I said "Long time no see man" (real name omitted)
"Hey, how are you, nice to meet you" says the guy
I asked "So how do you like the exhibition?". "Oh, its great" he says, as he really enjoys himself checking out the exhibits.
"Aren't you participating in this?" I asked.
"No, but I wish I did, and I'm definitely going participle[ate next time, this is a great thing they are doing".

I could feel the vibe of the place, it was very positive and enthusiastic. These are things the youth and the society as a whole miss. These are the kind of things that Islamic affairs should keep their noses out of, just like they should have from the new-year "disco issue" Thing. These are the solutions I mentioned in the 'Constipation of the Mind', these are actually ideal for it.

AS I was talking to the head In-Charge of the National Gallery - Mohamed Mamduh Waheed (Dommu), I noticed a contended grin on his face.

I asked "So how do you view such events since its kind of still new to the Maldives Public".

Dhommu said "This is what we want, this is what the National Gallery should stand for, to promote art in our country"

"Is this something we will be seeing in the future, such events to make the public aware and promote art? I asked.

"Definitely", he added "We hope more and more organizations will come up with events such as this"

I Loved this painiting

Young talented artists joined in support of artists and Photographers.
Appi from 1984

Below I have uploaded two videos for you to enjoy. Although you missed the real event, you still could take a few glimps from the scene. These are the type of events we need to create in our society.

Enjoy. And let creativity be what open the doors that lead us from this idle haze.

Thanks for who all those who were 'Involved' and helping me out with this post.

And also Thanks for the organizers. Nice Job.