Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review: Fine Art & Photo Story Exhibition

Reviewed on January 14th 2009.

The Fine Art & Photo Story Exhibition is been held at the National Art Gallery in Male, Maldives from 10th to 17th January 2009. Considering the amount of creative photographers and artists that exist in Maldives, these type of workshop exhibitions are a rare thing in our society. And this is something that deserves a standing applause, not only due to the fact it that it would promote art in the Maldives, it will also create a positive impact withing our social dynamics.

The photos' were more of a series where it told a specific story by the photographer. There were many free fine art sculpture type of exhibits as well. The atmosphere was filled with a live band playing soothing atmospheric music. Musicians from different bands collaborated and jammed while visitors could enjoy the art exhibits. The pictures I'm posting are from the Fine Art & Photo Story Exhibition. All rights are reserved by the respective artists.

The music as I said was performed by various musicians jamming together. These are some of the pictures of the band.

Appi from the band 1984 and Adham - Bassist from 0 Degree Atoll jamming at the exhibition.

Other Musicians from 'Atolls' music label. ( To my assumption)

The concept of the Fine Art & Photo Story Workshop exhibition was 'to create a platform for the young fine artists and photographers to learn from each others work and process'. The idea was to provide artists and photographers ground to explore and broaden their understanding of conceptual works, techniques and application.

"We wanted young artists and photographers to open their minds to more possibilities" says one of the Developer and Coordinator of the Workshop & Exhibition, Mr. Umair Badeeu.

"One picture can tell a story, but a series of pictures can be more impactful in telling a story" said Umair.

"These type of exhibitions are something we hope to create more frequently in the future"

The event was not only to create space for developing artistic skills, but to make art more accessible to the public and generate a creative dialogue in our society.

"The artists' enthusiasm was great!", remarked Hassa.

"They were are the one's who even requested for the bands in come in" said Hassa, who was helping in the National Art Gallery coordination.

There were couple of very creative Fine Art pieces including this one with pink slippers leading to a window that shows a paradise.

There was a cool piece of work were you got to peek through a hole in a box made of used tin from a roof, I've tried to post a picture below of what you see inside the when you peek through the hole. It was a unique concept of art. oh, you needed a flash light view this artistic creation.

The exhibition was not only about art. It was also a lot of mingling and making of new friendships in the creative society on Maldives. Many visitors were artists and photographers as well, giving their thoughts and appreciating their college's works.

I met a old friend of my from high school days. He is great artist and now works as a professional photographer.

I said "Long time no see man" (real name omitted)
"Hey, how are you, nice to meet you" says the guy
I asked "So how do you like the exhibition?". "Oh, its great" he says, as he really enjoys himself checking out the exhibits.
"Aren't you participating in this?" I asked.
"No, but I wish I did, and I'm definitely going participle[ate next time, this is a great thing they are doing".

I could feel the vibe of the place, it was very positive and enthusiastic. These are things the youth and the society as a whole miss. These are the kind of things that Islamic affairs should keep their noses out of, just like they should have from the new-year "disco issue" Thing. These are the solutions I mentioned in the 'Constipation of the Mind', these are actually ideal for it.

AS I was talking to the head In-Charge of the National Gallery - Mohamed Mamduh Waheed (Dommu), I noticed a contended grin on his face.

I asked "So how do you view such events since its kind of still new to the Maldives Public".

Dhommu said "This is what we want, this is what the National Gallery should stand for, to promote art in our country"

"Is this something we will be seeing in the future, such events to make the public aware and promote art? I asked.

"Definitely", he added "We hope more and more organizations will come up with events such as this"

I Loved this painiting

Young talented artists joined in support of artists and Photographers.
Appi from 1984

Below I have uploaded two videos for you to enjoy. Although you missed the real event, you still could take a few glimps from the scene. These are the type of events we need to create in our society.

Enjoy. And let creativity be what open the doors that lead us from this idle haze.

Thanks for who all those who were 'Involved' and helping me out with this post.

And also Thanks for the organizers. Nice Job.


Hilath said...

Great post! Interesting, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I really saw no point to the show and the guys who organized the show had no understanding of what they were really doing. Not to take away anything from the people who took part in the show. I could clearly see the results from a bad brief. If we were to look at the photographic images and the text they used to describe them, the text only made the images weaker. Could it be that the artists themselves did not have faith in just the images that they were showing. Only thing that came to my mind was this is already happening in flickr, and what was the point of putting it in a government owned gallery. And with all the hoopla scene with the music was the government trying to be cool. It was way better when the same shit was happening in Esjehi Gallery 10 years ago and the government was scared.

the unconventional has become the mainstream and it is boring when the government tries does it. We are in anedhivehi raage now i wanna see some artwork or music that pushes this concept. Maybe instead of the bands they should have had a disco. Just to get everyone talking.

heaven said...

i think its good a discussion has begun on the purpose and functions of a National Art Gallery owned and run by the government.

Anonymous said...

who is listening? heaven

Anonymous said...

anonymous-1: Whenever some people try to do something good, people like you are there to criticize and say "only if they did this or that".

Learn to appreciate, please?

Anonymous said...

for the person who wants to have a disco in the gallery, i think if you really want to disco maybe you should go to blue elephant with your shirt tucked in. Next time you criticize something, maybe you should get the context of the 'whole' into consideration.
in the mean time here is a dedication for you.

amani said...

Dhivehi art needs as much support and exposure as it can get - repeatedly and on as many different media as possible :P

So thanks Beybe!

Anonymous said...

well well.. my guess is artists need critics. Good and bad. they both go together.

If people cant handle criticism they should not get it in the galleries.

These comments getting back at what i wrote is sounding to me like a lame hippie cliche'. I was hoping for a constructive discussion.

1984 said...

DISCO at an ART gallery? hello? how r u supposed to concentrate on the art works when u are dancing?? have u ever been to an art exhibition? i think it went really well. and its a good thing to see more artworks put up there. this is about artists having a place to put up their art work. not about politics. don't squeeze that in to everything!

mr.Anonymous, do u hve any idea where we can exhibit our artwork like this anywhere else in the maldives?