Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shiva: Lord of many things...

There never was a time when the whole human race lived in complete harmony and contentment. In Maldives majority of people could reflect on their roots and would be only able to see a distorted history, shards of idols and lingums, and the catalytic rise and fall of Rannamaari.

This little blue baby travelled everywhere and he would have eventually reached Maldives, at that time nothing but scattered little islands. But he was no fisherman. He had a ride called Nandi and integrated into people's mind and spirit, gluing the material with the immaterial.

Shiva the god of destruction. And the lord of many things...An end creates a beginning. But the seeds of truth gave light to the people of Maldives. But was this how it was written? On whose book? Why does it have to be so black and white, when all there is kaleidoscope rainbow of colors.

And today those that have their blood come out of Garda, the extremist religious fanatics. Make your paratas and smoke your charas. Don't indoctrinate people with your travel agency granting people one way tickets to heaven. Remember Shiva.


Anonymous said...

uhuh. hehe

Anonymous said...

beybe, well put... nice to see u back on the grid.. been looking out for you since u left.... R