Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bengaluru: As they say...

This is a post after a long time. The past few months allowed me to disintegrate from the foggy and misled trip I I took, with or without my own consent, it seemed very inhuman.

Anthropologists saying, which I heard on a cheesy comedy: "Anthropologists believe immersing yourself in an outside culture allows you to ultimately understand your own".

Or maybe its the trees. Or the simplicity and the colorful dress code. I don't know. But the lack of corrupt drama, where I realized once it had became political back home, everything has only become that. Now its like a ping pong game where the people's thoughts are tossed around by political parties and the press. And its politics, politics, politics. Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, an actor and any corrupt business man who have become rich by selling his little fish with his butt-in-the-air...,all seem to have been born into a political party, of which they switch from one to another as fleas would in a jammed dog house.

And the vibrations of the terror lurking in Pakistan is also felt here. Everything that's good, has become a hot spot for terror. Music, fun laughter has become a police raid invitation in Bangalore. People used to pay them, but they now take the money (due to the economic crisis?) and still bust you and take more on bail money. But all in all, this diversified cultural nation with colorful rainbows in the sky, sometimes feels like a black hole. Thanks to the Islamic extremists, this is truly terror. Its sad to see this darkness in a place where people make mango juice, chai and charas and dance in Holi with Bhang running down your chins...

And again back home. I wondered how low can it go...and its going lower. Murder, rape,..the haven of paedophiles..and the same old stories been told differently. Plus that stupid Umar Naseer has become the lamest person in my book..scoring remarkable lame points of a 100!