Saturday, June 6, 2009

Flashbacks from Nitrogen

I'm wondering how many more crossroads lie ahead on this winding path that I walk. It's true, 'life is just a dream', although a bit confusing with the 'social norms' and various constitutions of governments, who's sole intent is just to control the people's mind and body. Not all are capable of realizing that the physical restrictions cannot imprison your soul.

But every time I came across a crossroad in the past, little did I realize that the choices I had before me could alter my life forever. And each time I felt that those choices were mostly influenced by these external or physical components rather than from within my inner aura. Or so I still think.

Ten years ago, in 1999 I did PADI instructor development program and became an Open Water Dive Instructor(OWSI). I was barely able to apply then as I was 18, ( I was told nobody had done it in Maldives at that time at the minimum age possible), and I had been certified in open water course a year before. I just completed my Dive master at Sea Explorers and worked for a month, until I was told by a senior instructor that why don't I go to the IDC. The PADI regulations are a bit loose now where you only need to be certified only 6 months and other requirements such as need to become an assistant intructor before applying for OWSI.

Ironic thing was when I did my first Open Water course in Embudu Village with a couple of friends, I was the only one who failed in the final written exam of the course and had to redo it. I was butt of that joke for sometime. And a year later when the same friends wanted to do the next course, which was Advanced open water course, here I was the instructor doing it for them. hehe.

As I retrospect on this chapter of my life and during the time I worked for few years in two dive schools in Male', I can't but wonder where had I reached that crossroad which made me go away from diving and completely altered the course of my life. If I had continued diving as a career, eventually I would have left Male' and it would have changed my life completely. I can't say I whether I would have regretted it or not.

Its actually really clear what made me change my career. And contemplating about it won't change anything. But I have very fond memories of those days, when I had the chance to introduce people to a new world, a world where everything was full of peace and harmony. I have always loved the ocean, there's always been a deep lure behind the tranquil sway of the waves. And once you feel the peace of the underwater experience, being emerged into an AUM in itself, its hard to forget it. And thats just without the beauty and grace of the corals.

Perhaps one day I might return to it.

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