Friday, June 26, 2009

Kodaikanal: A Cosmic Journey

The cosmic voice of the infinite spoke. All is one. It's easier to understand now.

Nataraja's dance envolopes those in his presence, locked in a trance yet an infinite cosmic journey. All is one. A single life seems so insignificant when you flow through the river of life.

Kodai. So beautiful. the mists shrouded valleys, winding pathways through entwined greenery. The oneness with all, is dreamy and filled with fits of laughter.

Looking for the Hobbits and Galdalf. The bugs and spiders, the Pear trees, yellow and violet vibrant flowers.

A great cosmic voice guides you. Saying that everything's at its right place. You are at the right place, flowing through a river of trance.


Anonymous said...

Nataraja in Dhivehi = Nasha Raja = Lord of Dance

Mr. Karma said...

:D yeah, that's right. Thx