Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can't fight Hate with Hate

For anyone who have read my previous blog entries, you will find my hatred and anger towards the former regime is very obvious. Maybe it's bottling all those feelings and thoughts for a long time and the dawn of a new democracy in Maldives. I have carried these sentiments within me since Majeediyya school to until now. I have carried it during my artistic and destructive days.

Yes. I was a victim of Maumoon's regime's brutality and incompetency.

Yes. I think Maldives has become pathetic due to 30 years of negligence by Maumoon's stale government. But yet I still love Maldives simply because it's my country. And this love makes me hate. But now I feel I hate to hate anything because it just spirals the hatred on.

Maybe it's time to forgive the 30 years of rape of our country? I know one thing for sure, this forgiveness might grant me freedom, and not of be attached too closely with issues regarding my country. But will it make me feel better. I don't know.

But it's a step towards a change. Its a choice, whether I want to join the hatred and evil of Maumoon's regime by hating them back; or just transcend this shit for good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The tantrum carrier: Umar Naseer?

Is Umar Naseer, the failed leader of the IDP given the responsibility of carrying Ghassaan Maumoon's tantrum because of his loss of the Thimarafushi seat?

Umar Naseer perhaps is one of the most misguided, warped and retarded person with a false sense of gung-ho in politics in Maldives today.

His ideas were so backward and stupid he got less than the amount of disqualified ballots during the presidential election. When will he get the message? Nobody cares about him, or takes him seriously for that matter.

It's obvious his reason for being in politics is something personal, or that he's got so many strings attached he can't help but dance like a puppet. This is a person formerly known during his police days as the "Chief Torturer". Every one knows he broke many people, including a backbone of well known exile in UK.

Now he is carrying Ghassaan maumoon's tantrum because the little golhabo lost the Thimarafushi seat. Ghassaan's got a chance after his tantrum at the court after the first round, which was declared void due to the accusations in the court case. And now Umar Naseer is going to challenge the MDP member who won the Thimarafushi seat in the supreme court, allegedly due to some debts the member had. It's so funny.

Everyone would assume that since its the leader of another political party challenging the MDP member it has nothing to do with the little golhabo. But I'm sure few would have missed Umar Naseer's obvious affiliations, or the smart photos of him sitting at the front row of the recent DRP gathering.

Have you dropped out?

Yes. I'm sick of seeing this rerun of a movie that's been played before my eyes over and over again. Everyone is judging the other with their own values and trying to weigh who is wrong and who is right.

But who can tell the difference? Who can say who is just or unjust? Who will point their finger and know that there are three fingers pointing at you at the same time?

Differences. Differences. Differences.

These conflicts around me is draining the energy out of mother earth. This place is becoming hell.

I'm dropping out.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The principle of boomerang

The Principle of boomerang; What goes around shall come around.

The collective unconscious of our minds form an energy that connects all living forms in this world. This collective unconscious guides our fate, its a phenomenon that is a known fact. Some people call it karma.

To prove that this collective unconscious or this immense energy connects all living things and influences the cause and effect of one's life, scientists performed an experiment using rats. The rats were put in a complicated maze where they had to find a piece of hidden cheese while they were being timed. Then after it was done on some rats, they changed venue to another location and used the rats that lived there. The early rats in time had mastered the location of the cheese compared to their initial timings, however the new bunch of rats performed it just the same without any initial trial and error. Proving that the knowledge and instinct developed by the first experimented rats were passed on to their counterparts in a farther location through their collective unconscious.

Just like when a civilization in a far part of the world discovered the wheel, and without any contact with each other another civilization discovers it soon there after. The knowledge is shared by the collective unconscious of the human race.

The principle of boomerang says that what you do, or say or think will go into our collective unconscious and that energy will come back to us in a similar form. So if we send out negative vibes, then negative vibes will come to us like a boomerang. So if we do, say or think positive good thoughts, then good things will come to us.

Remember, what goes around shall come around. Spread good karma, brighten your aura.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yo Maumoon!! What ya gonna do about it?! Haha!

The little drama queen, a.k.a Golhabo staged a major commotion just because he was summoned to the police station. Every thief or murderer should be expected to eventually go to the police one day or the other. But alas no! Not Maumoon the divine little swine, the rightful king immortal of Maldives.

This is why I voted for MDP and Anni, I wanted to see this day, and of course to see the day Maumoon is tried in court and made to pay for all the crimes he has committed against the nation.

I wonder whether Maumoon was able to sleep last night with his over inflated ego a little pricked. Well like they say - "be careful for what you ask for, you just might get it". Maumoon should have remained home, resigned from politics and stuck to needle work with Nasreena when he lost the election. But when you have a disease of addiction to power, how can he just accept his failure and treason and stay home. Oh no, and let us not forget the parasites of his regime like Raagondi Raajaa a.k.a Kokkofulhu Yamin who's there to poke Maumoon's butt hole for him to become the pathetic old fool he is today.

Why make such a big issue out of it, just go to the police station you bugger! But you needed to be super star again didn't you, bask in the spot light and make a few middle aged women faint?

Maumoon will always be one and one thing only - A Golhabo.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adhaalath's protest: A group of impotent monkeys

The protest by Adhaalath yesterday for imposing hadd and the calling for the resignation of Minivan News editor is a huge pile of camel crap.

The Adhaalath supporters are a bunch of sick freaks that think from end of their impotent penises. Why would they otherwise think for some reason that this hadd issue is so important, rather than use what Allah gave them, their brains.

The Adhaalath supporters should also protest against the use of modern transport such as cars, motor bikes etc and call for the use of only camels and donkeys, because that's what were used for transport during the time of the prophet. They should also ban tooth brushes and tooth paste and impose the use of twigs to brush your teeth.

This whole incident in Maldives has once again proven to the world that fundamentalist Islamic thinking and democracy cannot share a symbiotic relationship. Its sad to see that Islam had made these "wahhaabees", who are psychologically unstable and has addictive personality, think through a tunnel. Where is the wisdom and timelessness bestowed within the Holy Quran?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adhaalath: The Poison of Maldives

This post is a reaction to this blog post by Hilath.

I have opposed the previous government even before the party system and continued through out last years election supporting MDP's candidate Anni until the finish line. When Maumoon was deposed peacefully, it was one of greatest moments of Maldivian history.

However with Adhaalath tightening its noose on the government and trying to impose shariah law into a country born and progressed with tourism, (in Adhaalath's words "haram money"), my support to MDP government now lies in balance.

I never thought there could be anything worse happening to our country than the 30 years of rape by the Golhabo clan. But it seems Adhaalath could be able compete with that. One thing I know is I will not vote for a goverment with Adhaalath at its heel in the next election.

Its true Maldivians have a fear of opposing any religious issue because it might mean you are an infidel. I think religion should be taken objectively by everyone, in their own understanding and pursue the knowledge on their own. I don't believe a God would want His followers to oppress, kill, impose values in the name of jihad that are unrealistic now although it might have been realistic in the time of the prophets. Change is the only constant, I don't think a God would be so stupid as to give religion that cannot adapt to change and progress.

I don't fear to call to thieves a thief, or a murderer to murderers. I don't understand why people should fear calling extremists an extremist!? And just tell them to their face to take their fundamental Islamic gibberish into their "Atharu" scented homes. Islam justifies 4 wives, but how can these 'Wahhaabees" justify bedding them all at once? As far as I know that's called an orgy. I've heard they even lend each other their wives if one of the wives are going through her menstruation period. Yeah, its crazy alright.

One thing I was always afraid was questioning Islam inside my heart. Could it be blasphemous to question one's faith? I realized not. Why would a God give you a brain and not expect you to use it?

I wonder how many people ask yourselves why do you follow Islam? Is it because its the religion you were born into? Or is it because of choice?