Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Adhaalath: The Poison of Maldives

This post is a reaction to this blog post by Hilath.

I have opposed the previous government even before the party system and continued through out last years election supporting MDP's candidate Anni until the finish line. When Maumoon was deposed peacefully, it was one of greatest moments of Maldivian history.

However with Adhaalath tightening its noose on the government and trying to impose shariah law into a country born and progressed with tourism, (in Adhaalath's words "haram money"), my support to MDP government now lies in balance.

I never thought there could be anything worse happening to our country than the 30 years of rape by the Golhabo clan. But it seems Adhaalath could be able compete with that. One thing I know is I will not vote for a goverment with Adhaalath at its heel in the next election.

Its true Maldivians have a fear of opposing any religious issue because it might mean you are an infidel. I think religion should be taken objectively by everyone, in their own understanding and pursue the knowledge on their own. I don't believe a God would want His followers to oppress, kill, impose values in the name of jihad that are unrealistic now although it might have been realistic in the time of the prophets. Change is the only constant, I don't think a God would be so stupid as to give religion that cannot adapt to change and progress.

I don't fear to call to thieves a thief, or a murderer to murderers. I don't understand why people should fear calling extremists an extremist!? And just tell them to their face to take their fundamental Islamic gibberish into their "Atharu" scented homes. Islam justifies 4 wives, but how can these 'Wahhaabees" justify bedding them all at once? As far as I know that's called an orgy. I've heard they even lend each other their wives if one of the wives are going through her menstruation period. Yeah, its crazy alright.

One thing I was always afraid was questioning Islam inside my heart. Could it be blasphemous to question one's faith? I realized not. Why would a God give you a brain and not expect you to use it?

I wonder how many people ask yourselves why do you follow Islam? Is it because its the religion you were born into? Or is it because of choice?


Hilath said...

Well-said Mr. Karma.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know, do they justify bedding multiple wives at once (ie orgy as u say?)

Hmm.. thats a good reason to actually be a wahhaabi :)

Mauloof Ahmed said...

I agree adhaalath is a real poison.
And one more poison is also there he is ibn khattab of