Saturday, July 18, 2009

Adhaalath's protest: A group of impotent monkeys

The protest by Adhaalath yesterday for imposing hadd and the calling for the resignation of Minivan News editor is a huge pile of camel crap.

The Adhaalath supporters are a bunch of sick freaks that think from end of their impotent penises. Why would they otherwise think for some reason that this hadd issue is so important, rather than use what Allah gave them, their brains.

The Adhaalath supporters should also protest against the use of modern transport such as cars, motor bikes etc and call for the use of only camels and donkeys, because that's what were used for transport during the time of the prophet. They should also ban tooth brushes and tooth paste and impose the use of twigs to brush your teeth.

This whole incident in Maldives has once again proven to the world that fundamentalist Islamic thinking and democracy cannot share a symbiotic relationship. Its sad to see that Islam had made these "wahhaabees", who are psychologically unstable and has addictive personality, think through a tunnel. Where is the wisdom and timelessness bestowed within the Holy Quran?


Anonymous said...

"Where is the wisdom and timelessness bestowed within the Holy Quran?"

Yes people, where is the guess work and backwardness bestowed within the qur'an?

Hilath said...

Nothing good will ever come out of this. If Maldives doesn't tackle extremism right now, it will have tragic consequences sooner or later. President Nasheed cannot afford to turn a blind eye now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Wisdom & timelessness is indeed bestowed within Quran. But fools like you just cannot comprehend it. (Ahmed)

Anonymous said...

a fool is a fool is a fool you fool