Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The tantrum carrier: Umar Naseer?

Is Umar Naseer, the failed leader of the IDP given the responsibility of carrying Ghassaan Maumoon's tantrum because of his loss of the Thimarafushi seat?

Umar Naseer perhaps is one of the most misguided, warped and retarded person with a false sense of gung-ho in politics in Maldives today.

His ideas were so backward and stupid he got less than the amount of disqualified ballots during the presidential election. When will he get the message? Nobody cares about him, or takes him seriously for that matter.

It's obvious his reason for being in politics is something personal, or that he's got so many strings attached he can't help but dance like a puppet. This is a person formerly known during his police days as the "Chief Torturer". Every one knows he broke many people, including a backbone of well known exile in UK.

Now he is carrying Ghassaan maumoon's tantrum because the little golhabo lost the Thimarafushi seat. Ghassaan's got a chance after his tantrum at the court after the first round, which was declared void due to the accusations in the court case. And now Umar Naseer is going to challenge the MDP member who won the Thimarafushi seat in the supreme court, allegedly due to some debts the member had. It's so funny.

Everyone would assume that since its the leader of another political party challenging the MDP member it has nothing to do with the little golhabo. But I'm sure few would have missed Umar Naseer's obvious affiliations, or the smart photos of him sitting at the front row of the recent DRP gathering.


hudhuhandhu said...

People whose egos are bigger than themselves always find themselves in DRP's company.
Umar Naseer is the one of the most egoistical and the stupidest politician Maldives has ever seen.
God forbid that he win anything in court!

Anonymous said...

Umar is a great guy who fights for the people more clearly than ganjabo. Umar couldnt have made a court case for this dumb seafood musthafabe if musthafabe hadnt done all these scams, owing people all the money. THis musthafabe is a frankenstein in the maldivian community, a dumb one at that!