Monday, July 20, 2009

Yo Maumoon!! What ya gonna do about it?! Haha!

The little drama queen, a.k.a Golhabo staged a major commotion just because he was summoned to the police station. Every thief or murderer should be expected to eventually go to the police one day or the other. But alas no! Not Maumoon the divine little swine, the rightful king immortal of Maldives.

This is why I voted for MDP and Anni, I wanted to see this day, and of course to see the day Maumoon is tried in court and made to pay for all the crimes he has committed against the nation.

I wonder whether Maumoon was able to sleep last night with his over inflated ego a little pricked. Well like they say - "be careful for what you ask for, you just might get it". Maumoon should have remained home, resigned from politics and stuck to needle work with Nasreena when he lost the election. But when you have a disease of addiction to power, how can he just accept his failure and treason and stay home. Oh no, and let us not forget the parasites of his regime like Raagondi Raajaa a.k.a Kokkofulhu Yamin who's there to poke Maumoon's butt hole for him to become the pathetic old fool he is today.

Why make such a big issue out of it, just go to the police station you bugger! But you needed to be super star again didn't you, bask in the spot light and make a few middle aged women faint?

Maumoon will always be one and one thing only - A Golhabo.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey karma
fuck you and fuck your anti islamic blog and u are doing what mdp wants.
Court has issued a .......... then fuck mdp

Anonymous said...

Fiththaalaigen hama dhaakannun jehunee enme fahun. Dhen lalala.

I've always wanted to say that. The ultimate dhipolitical phrase in times of success.

Anonymous said...

premature ejaculation is an embarrassment. read haveeru lately?

little boys and their premature ejaculation. then la la laa. fadaboe. maumoonakaa nu kulheveyne.

love and peace.

Faathumaa Fulhi said...

Aan adhi evves kameh saabitheh nuveyennun. Nuves vaane. Aharen hama ajaibuvejje #$*@ sifain e Manikufaanah kanthah kuri gothun. Dhaththa heyhurinama hilaa nukereyne ehen hadhaakah! #$*@!! Dhen amaage lalala.

Anonymous said...

means of non-violent protest against Maumoon:

1. Egg his residence every day

Anonymous said...

an egg a day keeps the dictator away!