Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Demon, the Butterfly and the Well

Addicted to power. There is a path that is often chosen, along with the desire for materialistic perfection. The soul in return is left to perish of hunger, left to endure a painful longing for a release. The soul will slowly deteriorate without spiritual induction. But do not confuse spirituality with religiousness. One simple way to see it is that "religious" is being devoted to scripture and blinding yourself to all else, and "spiritual" is too vast a word it could most simply be described as just being "good".

That's just one point of view. While the "religious" will say that view is just wrong simply because its not their view. And the "spiritual" will say "Yes - everyone is entitled to their opinion, there is no good or bad, just weak and strong".

I'm not saying that spirituality and being religious are two ends of a pole, to the contrary both support each other and let each other grow, it's symbiotic. However the outcome of these two concepts can be very different.

And now comes a stronger force that tends to overwhelm both the spiritual and the religious; the demon known as materialism. It's in the modern collective unconscious to seek the comforts of the world, the unsaid path to the ultimate, or pre-laid destiny. Or so one is thought to believe from birth. What waste of the soul, what a waste. Our Higher Power, our One will shed tears of sadness. It's like giving a hungry child a banana, and suddenly seeing him peel and throw the fruit and eat the outside instead.

One thing all people of all races, all nations and all time would agree: When you die and your soul leaves the living, you do not take any of your materialistic possessions. In fact you leave this world cold and naked, rotting and decaying into the earth. The only thing that matters would be how your life impacted those around you, because you will only live in their memories after death.


Yaamyn said...

Sometimes the thought enters my head whether we 'leave' this world at all, or just become one with it all over again?

Hilath said...

I guess we are all part of a big system of naturally existing laws some people call a 'Universe' while others call 'God'... That would make me a Sufi Muslim according to a friend of mine :)

Now would that settle the curiosity they have about my 'beliefs' and 'religion.'? heheh...

While I myself am not interested to know under what label along religious lines I would fall under, many people I meet are interested to know and do in fact always ask me: "Hilath, are you Muslim? Are you an atheist? Are you a Christian?"

So I just leave it to them to think of me what they want to think of me, with me nothing to have to do with it!

Strangely, nobody has ever asked me "Are you Buddhist?" which according to my friends are more in line with '"God" as a system of naturally existing laws without the illogical concept of Creationism'.

Anonymous said...

I believe that once we die we do not live only in the minds of the ones who remember us. We go to another spiritual world. One thing which definitely matters is how we treated others be they family and friends. How considerate and empatheic were we?
What you say about leaving the world physically with nothing is very true, i believe with good deeds which include being empathetic and compassionate to others we leave the world with our spirituallity filled.
Mostly we too easily forget what cannot be seen by the naked eye.