Monday, August 31, 2009

Disgraceful to the world..

How do we stay safe from perverts,molesters and muggers in Maldives?

A day ago while I was walking this young boy who was about 13 or maybe younger came tried to touch my friend who is a woman way older than him between the legs .Maldives the so called safe,sunny side of life is definitely not a safe country .This happened in the capital male'.Another day some boys tried to snatch her purse.
Every crime on earth thrives on this country.The police doesn't seem to know what to do about these young perverts and juvenile delinquents.Me and my friend have to be here unfortunately for a little while longer.We'd like to know how to stay safe in Maldives a country full of perverts and muggers?

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Why go to the maldives to stay in the capital where you do not see the beauty of it in the first place. I go to the maldives every year and this year will be my 4th we are going for three weeks. The islands are so lovely and the staff cant d enough for you and do not do anything like that. If yo wanted to see the city where you are then you will have to withstand it.


holiday there every year

  • stay in your hotel it is not worth the trouble you might not be so lucky next time

  • The Maldives is not FULL of perverts & muggers as you suggest.

    I am horrified that you think it is. However, do not walk along the street with expensive jewellery, flashy watches, necklaces etc., that only attracts trouble. Unfortunately many Asian countries are as you described, I live in Asia and am alone, female and middle aged and manage to take care of myself. Yes you get hassle from youngsters, but give them a firm 'Go away' do not make eye contact or engage in conversation, walk away at a pace not stroll away. At night always stay in lit public places, don't go out on your own.

    Keep valuables locked in a safe within your hotel.

    Just a little common sense will keep you safe.


    Live in Asia.

  • Unfortunately Maldivians find it acceptable to allow sexual assaults on women and children. In fact here you would get more jail time for drinking Alcohol than rape.

    I do not allow my wife and children to walk alone in Male especially at night and I agree with you that some young Maldivian men will grab your womens butt and breasts. I would advise against getting angry at them because as you would know most of these kind of people carry box cutter knives and will not hesitate to use them on you.
Taken from Yahoo! Answers page.


bluebooze said...

how embarrasing :| from here onwards i am not from Maldives. I am from err Mexico.

Anonymous said...

people have not seen what maldivians are so far or they have not talked out... lets see what else ppl say...

fali said...

There's also another aspect to this. I usually walk and so have to face this sort of thing often, but nowadays with the rise of the expat population in Male; I find that most of the time its foreigners who grope or say vulgar things (in their languages) at me. I find that less and less maldivian young males harass you on the street. White tourists or workers here wouldnt know the difference between Maldivians and other South Asians. although i might admit, even though i've never experienced it, mugging is carried out by maldivians.

canofworms said...

Anybody else think this is funny? :P
This is no more than we deserve.

Mr. Karma said...

This is one of the many such stuff I have come across on Yahoo! Answers. The expatriate worker's views and their feedback given about Maldives is really sad, is shameful if you knew what outsiders see our beautiful nation as.. is not that beautiful anymore..the place have changed to the 'dark side of like' from the sunny side..