Sunday, August 16, 2009

Disintegration of the Ego

Reality as we know it is a fabricated bunch of laws that try to ground the human being, to make man be controlled, to contain them in an environment that suits some religion, belief or a government.

Some where back in time the human unconscious felt the urge to pursue materialism. With the dissent of spirituality and mysticism, man's ego sprang up like flower, blooming into the spirit of man and corrupting it to the core. Now only one dimension existed, that is the one in which we have to pay our bills, work our asses off and live like a responsible human tuned to a strict routine. Ego has not only flawed us within, it has created many defects that alter our personalities to hate, to succumb, to be enslaved, to be blind, and it has sourly made us lose a bit of love, a bit of understanding and a bit of acceptance.

The disintegration of the ego is something different. It's knowing that we are all part of a connected organism that has been evolving for eternity. A single life is worth just an atomic fragment of the grand scheme of things; in the infinite cosmic dance we are just an insignificant peck.

Man's ego will disintegrate when you walk out the door, as Huxley said, you will not be quite the same person when you return through it. Through the door, or down the rabbit hole - the journey is in the hands of the traveler. A great lord of dance might speak to you while in his trance, as in that state normal humans cannot reach him. or it could be your worst nightmare. And it's you choice to accept and get wise from the experience.

It's an obligation to your soul, now forget materialistic goals. Dissolve your ego and witness the cosmic ego, the hidden layers of light and dimensions that shows you the connection of everything into one, a great unification of all spirits.

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