Friday, August 21, 2009

How to fight Islamic Extremism?

The Burqa Syndrome

Wearing the Burqa has been banned in some colleges in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. The colleges banned wearing for reasons of their own and had been met with students protesting. It was reported in Times of India newspaper on 21st of August.

Below the article there is another headline that said "Burqa not part of Islam".

According to the article a renowned Islamic scholar - Maulana Wahiduddin Khan said

"Burqa is not part of Islam. It is a part of culture, the culture that the people of the subcontinent have been for following for ages. Nobody can enforce a dress code in the name of Islam. It is categorically un-islamic."

The author of Discovering Islam From Its Original Sources said

"Man or women, anyone can wear anything they feel is decent. What matters is your truthfulness and honesty in character".

A Nation of Insecure Men

Among the reasons stated in Islamic scripts regarding the wear of burqa and covering a woman's decency, how much does it really got to with being beneficial to the woman her self? To cover a woman's decency yes, but its mostly to do with the insecurity of men and their belief that the Islam man has a very dirty mind.

The women are also sent on a guilt trip by convincing them that the husbands with suffer hell if their wives did not wear a burqa. Or they are given a lot of fear talk implying that there will be fewer women in heaven, and those are the one's who do not wear a burqa or not be a submissive wife.

God is really in the image of a male chauvinist pig. Could women be something more than objects sent to men to bear their children? To suffer at the whim of idiots due to their short-comings and fear of losing their wives to someone else?

A Failed Concept

The Burqa is already a failure. Wearing the Burqa does not stop men from staring at a women and inhibiting dirty thoughts. The Burqa has become a fashion accessory - girls wear Burqa with tight tops and tight jeans, showing how ineffective the real purpose of wearing it has become.

The Burqa is mostly worn because of peer pressure rather than due to a persons religious belief. I've seen islands with 100% burqa, even small little kids wear them while playing out in the sun and sand. How would one or few women feel when everyone wears burqa and you are the odd one out by not wearing it?, they have no choice but fall under the pressure.

Burqa has become notorious in the hands of thieves and terrorists. They use it to shoplift or carry out terrorist activities while been able to hide their identity. How convenient for "jihad".

Cut Off The Supply

Islam extremism is on the verge of taking over all Maldivians way of life. The demand for it is getting high, and the only way to fight the demand for religious extremism would be to cut off the supply. About 10 - 15 years ago in Maldives people were not looking for extreme religiousness as way of escaping the realities of life, because there was no supply then. Once a few people got an opportunity through scholarships to go to Pakistan or middle east to study, most of them came back indoctrinated with extremism and started supplying it to the public. Now today we see how high the demand for it has risen.

Maldives not only faces a drug epidemic, it also faces extremism which is equally destructive. A parallel story had been developing all along with the spread of drugs, almost having the same principles. Drugs started to spread when the supply of it started to get flooded in Maldives, same as Islamic extremism. Both of these demons target the youth and destroys their lives by making them addicted to it. Both of these things oppresses & controls the person and rigidly tunes them to the way of life suited only to them. And in the process it makes them hurt other people in the name of their beliefs.

A way of life. There is always a choice.


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Mr. Karma said...

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Hilath said...

Great post.

The burka is an innovation by extremists. The word burka is inserted cunningly in brackets by interpreters of the Koran.

Muslims are required to be modest, not stare at other people, cover their bosoms and dress decently according to their own community standards because Islam is a religion for eternity for all cultures and climates.

May Allah provide His Light and Guidance to the narrow-minded extremists. Amen.