Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Intellectual Masturbation

What will happen if you give some monkeys a bucket of paint and brushes, and ask them to paint a magnificent work of art?

Nonetheless that no one thought to ask whether these monkeys can actually paint. It's just a common way for people to let the world know they are stupid.

It's like giving a flute to a fish and telling them to blow it. It's like expecting a dog to moo. It's like telling an extremist that his trouser is too short and his beard too long.

It's also same as giving a lot of money to a backward self-dubbed intellect to buy certificates, and told to blog as a form of propaganda which that person defines as "activist" work. Many questions would arise. How did such a person's parents get enslaved by a dwarf posing as a giant? Debt and lunacy perhaps? In turn they have indoctrinated a daughter who has to shave her mustache every other day.

I have seen. 'Keyboard gangsters' and those who are experts in 'intellectual masturbation'. It helps fight moments filled with utter boredom.

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