Sunday, August 30, 2009

Maumoon wants it all! Even your children's blood!

Maumoon is to be referred to as "President" even after he is out of office? I don't understand the logic behind this. Why is it so important to refer him as 'president' still?

Can you imagine the pathetic integrity of the person referred to as Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom?. He wants the indebted nation spend 3 million ruffiyaa per month on this old retard. Forget about the world economic crisis, forget about people queueing at S.T.O tents for cheaper foods, forget about people still suffering due to the tsunami.

Why does the DRP and Kaamineege family think that it is their god given right to be given titles and posts of power? They are no different from other citizens, there is a constitution that that applies to all citizens. But no, they want a separate bill to give Maumoon specific rights because he is the divine human sent by God to rule the citizens of Maldives.

Maumoon demands people respect him, Maumoon demands that he be given a higher status than anyone else, Maumoon demands that he is unique and untouchable. He demands the people of Maldives see him as their savior and demi-god. He demands all this by passing and changing the laws of the constitution to give all his desires to him. Which means all the past generations and the future generations to come is insignificant compared to this old man.

If Maumoon had any compassion or well wishes for the people of Maldives, he will not demand 3 million ruffiyaa per month in different benefits when the people of Maldives cannot even withdraw more than $300 from their debit cards. This is no surprise to me. But I find so many people thinking with the pre-programmed mind of theirs which believe Maumoon is actually someone who had done something good for his country.

Any citizen should ask yourself, are you happy with the society of Maldives now? It has progressed, but change and evolving will eventually happen in time, and people should realize that the nation could have been very different with sensible people running the country. Some Maumoon lovers blame the current MDP government for the economic crisis and everything that's been happening now. If DRP wishes to deceive the people of Maldives with such propaganda, it just says that they regard all citizens as dumb as goldfishes to believe it.

Can 30 years, or 9 months influence the growth and state of anything? Imagine a man who is 30 years old and is evil, corrupt and uncontrollable. Do you think his whole 30 years would have contributed to this state or just the last 9 months of his life? What would make more sense to you?

The best thing that could happen to all of Maldives is the death of this old parasite. There is absolutely no chance of this disease leaving our lives on its own accord. We have to cut off the cancer from the body since it has infected us too deeply.

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Anonymous said...

Yah seriously. The guy and his followers need a huge dosage of reality!
I say off with his head!