Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rootlevel influences

The space cadet never realized how infected he was. The old culture, the old sayings, the old beliefs, the unwritten rules,..

The collective conscious of the toy town and the warped sense of right and wrong. The sword of justice is wielded by the hands of destruction. Now where once it was safe, it is not.

The space cadet realized how infected he was. It's like a rope tied to his feet and anchored in this god forsaken land. A heavy rusted anchor. He thinks, he assumes. What he believes is what is, yet it is not the truth. He thinks about how others would think of him and loses an important element. The infection is so deep it controls his thoughts and sense of right and wrong, high and low, black and white.

We wear a million masks everyday. Yet fail to see the real face of who society was given a chance to corrupt.


Mauloof Ahmed said...

Hello Mr Karma

You have been chosen as one of the active bloggers in maldives.


Mr. Karma said...

ya? ..and i thought i blogged less than average..suprised to be within the 35