Friday, September 25, 2009

DRP to whine internationally

According to an article in Minivan News, MPs from DRP, along with the misguided and misinformed Umar Naseer, are going to Colombo to initiate a press conference. Their aim is to whine and make themselves look like fools by trying to get international sympathy for Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, the undisputed brutal dictator of Maldives.

Apparently they are going to ".. highlight the government’s economic mismanagement, their increasing “autocracy” and alleged corruption".

By saying what I wonder? By telling the whole media that Maldives has now fallen into a dictatorship and that the only democracy we had was the thirty year rule by Maumoon? Forget the fact that for thirty years Maumoon contested in "elections" with himself as the sole candidate. How on earth are they going to justify this stupidity and idiocy? These are just a couple of puppets sent to Colombo to fight for just one person's wounded ego and bring shame to the Maldives as a whole.

And let us not forget that the plea for sympathy for the dictator is going to spearheaded by Umar Naseer, the former torturer of prisoners.

Here is a good example of where and how some these pathetic ideas come from - This quote is by a DRP member called Ahmed Ghalib to Minivan News.

".....“I came here tonight because I love Maumoon and my uncle Ali Arif is an MP. Maumoon did so many things for us. There was never an economic crisis like what we have going on today,” said Ghaalib....."

This statement by this fanatic shows the blind fanaticism some people have for Maumoon. It's clear that he loves Maumoon, why would anyone otherwise believe that the world economic crisis sprang because Maumoon was brought down from power. Or does he mean that by Maumoon not being able to hand over money from the state funds to his cronies anymore, they are facing an economic crisis of their own?

Does these people think that Maldives is the only place there is an economic depression? They blame everything on the fact that its because Maumoon was brought down from power. Maumoon has MPs and ignorant people like Umar Naseer fighting for his pricked ego, amazing how indoctrinated some people are that they just cannot wake up to reality. Now they want to humiliate Maldives by being clowns in front of international press.

The press will wonder when these people talk about the current government's autocracy, what they take as the definition of democracy and dictatorship. Because 30 years shows a dictatorship, and the fact that these people can whine anything they want now shows democracy.

- No Sympathy for the (devil) dictator -

"..please to meet you, I hope you guess my name..
whats troubling you is the nature of my game..."

We know the nature of your game Maumoon, we know it really well. Stop your whining in other countries, it's humiliating.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Live Life in Moderation

A long long time ago, during the time of the prophet lived a very devoted holy man. Due to his fanatical devotion to Islam, he lived in a far away cave completely isolating himself from the world so that he could meditate and pray in peace. Upon hearing about this man, the prophet commented that he is not truly on the right path of Islam, where the Muslim has to live within the normal society and not as an ascetic. The prophet is believed to have told man to balance his life so that his materialistic and spiritual desire remain in balance. To go into extreme in either of these would result in destructive behavior. Thus Live life in moderation. Balancing the spiritual and material aspect of life unlike the extremists preach us.

There is a distinctive difference between 'using' something and 'abusing' something.

Anything in excess is bad for an human - physically, emotionally, psychologically or even spiritually. We are prone to develop 'addictive personalities' due to certain factors in our lives. Whether you are addicted to work and become a workaholic, or addicted to food or sex, the psychological aspects of the disease is the same. Addiction. Resulting in destructive behavior jeopardizing not only our own life, but those of others around us.

The most commonly labeled type of addiction is 'drug addiction'. The reason for this would be because drug addiction dramatically harms not only the drug addict, but his family, those around him. And most prominently it becomes a nuisance to society. However this is not the only extreme behavior that is destructive, because drugs are not the only thing abused by people that becomes a danger to society.

If religion is abused instead of been used, the fundamental principle of drug addiction or any type of addiction becomes the same. It harms the person 'addicted' to it. Makes him an extremist. He gets brain washed and re-programmed to suite the way of life of his 'addiction'. He also extends his addiction to others. With drug addiction, the addict looks for more 'parteys' to join him and tries to convince his friends. Which is same in the case of an extremist wahaabee. The drug addict steals or spreads unrest to those around him due to his addiction, where the extremist oppresses and impose the stone age values of the Mullahs on others, which have no place in the modern society.

Just like drug addiction, religious extremism leads to destruction, pain and suffering in any society. We are all humans and we are all weak. Sometimes we fool ourselves to justify our actions that cannot be accepted within a society. Religious extremism leads to terrorism, death and imposing their way of life onto others. It regresses us back into the stone ages when slavery and child abuse was still allowed.

The greatest form of 'jihad' is the 'jihad' to one's "nafsu", or more broadly said as the 'mind'. Even above the 'jihad' in war defending your religion, homes and family, a Muslim foremost has to control and guard their actions & emotions - the ultimate 'jihad'.

I call for the government to not only think about the rehabilitation of drug addicts, but also the growing Extremists which has become the new epidemic of our nation. Live life in moderation!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adhaalath will destroy Maldives

I have seen a very alarming news article that said the Adhaalath and the Islamic Ministry, along with their minister the dangerous Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari plans to introduce Shariah law into the Maldives.

They claim the public will demand for it and when they do they will be ready to supply it. Currently they are happy with their propaganda in spreading extremist Islamic views in the country. While the only occurrences in Maldives, due to excessive supply of religion, has been the blasting of a home made bomb injuring group of innocent tourists in Male' (in the name of jihad), terrorism in Himandhoo with many police officers attacked brutally, or the coming of slavery where people enslave young girls as Jaariyas.

The Islamic ministry says that their intention is to make the public aware of religion. However I doubt this is their only objective, they will want to change every single aspect of life in Maldives that will suite their Mullah leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just like the Taliban, Adhaalath wants to terrorize the life of Maldivian people. God have mercy on us!

Now they have this channel, dedicated to their propaganda to brain wash young Maldivians to join their rigid, terrorist, extremist beliefs. The true value and teachings of Islam, both in the Holy Quran and the prophets hadiths, have been warped to suite these big bearded terrorists, who got their initiation and education from Mullahs of Pakistan. The Taliban strategy of using education to spread extremism before warfare seemed to have worked, at least to the ignorant fools who went to study there from Maldives.

The only way to fight it would be to cut off the supply, which is what is getting increased in Maldives. My only request as a moderate Muslim who wants my country Maldives to not suffer the fates of Afghanistan or Pakistan, is asking President Mohamed Nasheed to get the Adhaalath out of his boat. Otherwise they will sink it, along with the future of all Maldivian generations.

The beards are getting longer, the trousers are getting shorter, the ninjas are multiplying. In the international arena, Maldivians are beginning to be labeled, we who never had visa problem even in Europe cannot get visa sometimes due to spread of extremism in Maldives. Soon Maldives will be among those countries people view with suspicion, we will be checked and discriminated. Just due to some people who cannot adapt to modern life, (due to their failures and short comings as men) and impose fundamental beliefs only applicable few thousand years ago.

We can all see what Islamic extremism has done to other countries; by getting alienated from the world , citizens suffering wars and fighting, children dying or enslaved and the list is endless. Is this what we want to happen to Maldives?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Ibrahim Shafiu running scared?

The ACC has evidence that Ibrahim Shafiu, former DRP spokesperson has abused his power and defrauded Maldives Customs while he was the controller for immigration & emigration. According to Minivan News he is currently residing in Canada.

Now why is this not surprising? Ibrahim Shafiu is a low profile gangster who carried an attitude which in Maldives we refer to as "Ma-bodey". Isn't he smart for running away before the house of cards came tumbling down on his bald head. Now he sits in Canada with an account full of illegal money, (also which is haram) and explicitly conveying his guilt to the world by his get-away.

The ACC says they have the cooperation of the foreign parties involved, let us hope for the rights of the Maldivian people, the Canadian government hand over the fugitive to Maldivian authorities. People who played henchmen to Maumoon's brutal autocratic rule must be brought to justice, for the integrity of the our nation we need to wipe our slate clean from the deeds of these traitors.

Let us hope in this Holy month of Ramadan, God grant victory to the people who are fighting to bring this plague to a halt. And people like Abdulla Hameed, Yamin, Mr. and Mrs. Nazim, Ibrahim Shafiu and of course Maumoon be brought to justice!