Saturday, September 5, 2009

Adhaalath will destroy Maldives

I have seen a very alarming news article that said the Adhaalath and the Islamic Ministry, along with their minister the dangerous Abdul Majeed Abdul Bari plans to introduce Shariah law into the Maldives.

They claim the public will demand for it and when they do they will be ready to supply it. Currently they are happy with their propaganda in spreading extremist Islamic views in the country. While the only occurrences in Maldives, due to excessive supply of religion, has been the blasting of a home made bomb injuring group of innocent tourists in Male' (in the name of jihad), terrorism in Himandhoo with many police officers attacked brutally, or the coming of slavery where people enslave young girls as Jaariyas.

The Islamic ministry says that their intention is to make the public aware of religion. However I doubt this is their only objective, they will want to change every single aspect of life in Maldives that will suite their Mullah leaders in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Just like the Taliban, Adhaalath wants to terrorize the life of Maldivian people. God have mercy on us!

Now they have this channel, dedicated to their propaganda to brain wash young Maldivians to join their rigid, terrorist, extremist beliefs. The true value and teachings of Islam, both in the Holy Quran and the prophets hadiths, have been warped to suite these big bearded terrorists, who got their initiation and education from Mullahs of Pakistan. The Taliban strategy of using education to spread extremism before warfare seemed to have worked, at least to the ignorant fools who went to study there from Maldives.

The only way to fight it would be to cut off the supply, which is what is getting increased in Maldives. My only request as a moderate Muslim who wants my country Maldives to not suffer the fates of Afghanistan or Pakistan, is asking President Mohamed Nasheed to get the Adhaalath out of his boat. Otherwise they will sink it, along with the future of all Maldivian generations.

The beards are getting longer, the trousers are getting shorter, the ninjas are multiplying. In the international arena, Maldivians are beginning to be labeled, we who never had visa problem even in Europe cannot get visa sometimes due to spread of extremism in Maldives. Soon Maldives will be among those countries people view with suspicion, we will be checked and discriminated. Just due to some people who cannot adapt to modern life, (due to their failures and short comings as men) and impose fundamental beliefs only applicable few thousand years ago.

We can all see what Islamic extremism has done to other countries; by getting alienated from the world , citizens suffering wars and fighting, children dying or enslaved and the list is endless. Is this what we want to happen to Maldives?


Mr. Karma said...

The article I refer to was in today's 'News In Brief' at MinivanNews website. However upon visiting the page a couple of hours later, I found the reported article removed.

Or I just couldn't find it somehow. Strange.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Karma said...


Simon said...

Adhaalath's extremist views will not be generally accepted for a long time. They know this very well which is why they have begun this deceptive propaganda to brainwash the public.

President Nasheed needs to wake up right now. Why cannot he see and hear these fellows? Here they are revealing their true intentions to the world and not trying to hide a bit.

The future is looking very bleak for Dhivehi Raaje.

I think I want Gayoom back.

Anonymous said...

Jamsheeda's sister, Howlath Mohamed Didi ( who runs the Gayyoomist think tank will be the destruction of maldives. this rustic and doughy-faced FuahMulaku woman's dedicated to Gayoom is only second to Guley's (Endherimaage servant with large moustaches)

Howlath has been foaming in the mouth with her love for Gayoom since Zahir Hussein published her low-grade writings on Haveeru.

Note that she is from Dandy Magu district in Foahmolaku, which is a Gayoom fanatic region in the island.

Mr. Karma said...

hey anon 9:54

I don't think we should give that much credit to the pathetic, immature and text book articles written by this mathimus kumaaru.

She is a maumoon worshiper, but thats all. No one takes her seriously.

The Shadowrunner said...

Just as planned. When life becomes intolerable in Maldives, I will make my move.

Waiter, I would like this Howlath's spleen with extra cheese and anchovies. The meat?. As rare as possible. Thank you.