Thursday, September 3, 2009

Is Ibrahim Shafiu running scared?

The ACC has evidence that Ibrahim Shafiu, former DRP spokesperson has abused his power and defrauded Maldives Customs while he was the controller for immigration & emigration. According to Minivan News he is currently residing in Canada.

Now why is this not surprising? Ibrahim Shafiu is a low profile gangster who carried an attitude which in Maldives we refer to as "Ma-bodey". Isn't he smart for running away before the house of cards came tumbling down on his bald head. Now he sits in Canada with an account full of illegal money, (also which is haram) and explicitly conveying his guilt to the world by his get-away.

The ACC says they have the cooperation of the foreign parties involved, let us hope for the rights of the Maldivian people, the Canadian government hand over the fugitive to Maldivian authorities. People who played henchmen to Maumoon's brutal autocratic rule must be brought to justice, for the integrity of the our nation we need to wipe our slate clean from the deeds of these traitors.

Let us hope in this Holy month of Ramadan, God grant victory to the people who are fighting to bring this plague to a halt. And people like Abdulla Hameed, Yamin, Mr. and Mrs. Nazim, Ibrahim Shafiu and of course Maumoon be brought to justice!

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