Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Live Life in Moderation

A long long time ago, during the time of the prophet lived a very devoted holy man. Due to his fanatical devotion to Islam, he lived in a far away cave completely isolating himself from the world so that he could meditate and pray in peace. Upon hearing about this man, the prophet commented that he is not truly on the right path of Islam, where the Muslim has to live within the normal society and not as an ascetic. The prophet is believed to have told man to balance his life so that his materialistic and spiritual desire remain in balance. To go into extreme in either of these would result in destructive behavior. Thus Live life in moderation. Balancing the spiritual and material aspect of life unlike the extremists preach us.

There is a distinctive difference between 'using' something and 'abusing' something.

Anything in excess is bad for an human - physically, emotionally, psychologically or even spiritually. We are prone to develop 'addictive personalities' due to certain factors in our lives. Whether you are addicted to work and become a workaholic, or addicted to food or sex, the psychological aspects of the disease is the same. Addiction. Resulting in destructive behavior jeopardizing not only our own life, but those of others around us.

The most commonly labeled type of addiction is 'drug addiction'. The reason for this would be because drug addiction dramatically harms not only the drug addict, but his family, those around him. And most prominently it becomes a nuisance to society. However this is not the only extreme behavior that is destructive, because drugs are not the only thing abused by people that becomes a danger to society.

If religion is abused instead of been used, the fundamental principle of drug addiction or any type of addiction becomes the same. It harms the person 'addicted' to it. Makes him an extremist. He gets brain washed and re-programmed to suite the way of life of his 'addiction'. He also extends his addiction to others. With drug addiction, the addict looks for more 'parteys' to join him and tries to convince his friends. Which is same in the case of an extremist wahaabee. The drug addict steals or spreads unrest to those around him due to his addiction, where the extremist oppresses and impose the stone age values of the Mullahs on others, which have no place in the modern society.

Just like drug addiction, religious extremism leads to destruction, pain and suffering in any society. We are all humans and we are all weak. Sometimes we fool ourselves to justify our actions that cannot be accepted within a society. Religious extremism leads to terrorism, death and imposing their way of life onto others. It regresses us back into the stone ages when slavery and child abuse was still allowed.

The greatest form of 'jihad' is the 'jihad' to one's "nafsu", or more broadly said as the 'mind'. Even above the 'jihad' in war defending your religion, homes and family, a Muslim foremost has to control and guard their actions & emotions - the ultimate 'jihad'.

I call for the government to not only think about the rehabilitation of drug addicts, but also the growing Extremists which has become the new epidemic of our nation. Live life in moderation!


Hilath said...

very true!

The Health Ministry needs to educate people more on the "psychology of addiction".

We have all sorts of addicts in our society now - ranging from sex maniacs to those people who cannot sleep if they didn't watch the latest Kasauti episode.

Anonymous said...

Do staistics demonstrate that religious addiction is a phenomena of the poor or oppressed? religious addiction could be decribed as a cause of poverty or a consequence of poverty, I suspect? The cycle is VERY hard to break.

Yaamyn said...

Interesting read, and once again, I agree with you on this.

The Shadowrunner said...

I will have to politely disagree with you about living conditions in the stone Age. Back then, human communities were few and far between;- natural causes far outdid in performance as the Reaper than war.

I may be wrong, if so - a thousand pardons. Nice article, though.

Anonymous said...

At what point does one cross over from being moderately religious to being an extremist? I would say, it is when you either harm someone without them having harmed you in any justifiable, reasonable way, citing or basing it on religious reasons, or when you impose your religious views forcefully on others. But that would mean that Maldivians are extreme because we specifically allow only muslims to be maldivian citizens. I really think this is extreme and it is (arguably) unjustified from a religious viewpoint also.

Mr. Karma said...

Anon 10:31 - religious extremism is not necessarily related to only poverty..I think its more to do with behavioral patterns.

The Shadowrunner - No prob. I guess I said 'stone age' as to refer to a very long time ago. :)

Anon 7:30 - You've got something there..!

the rest - thnx for reading

The Shadowrunner said...

Waiter, I would like this Howlath's spleen with extra cheese and anchovies. The meat?. As rare as possible. Thank you.