Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nostalgia from Maldives music scene of the 90's

Oh yes, it was different. Good old days gone by. That was a time when motor bikes were for the elite few compared to now, and all my friends got by on bicycles. The only issue was everyone wanted to modify their bicycles with a BMX body and spares from Chopper bicycles so that it would make the 'tuk tuk' sound. So quite a number of times I myself lost my bicycle and had found it ripped apart at some narrow street.

A time where mobile phones were a science fiction fantasy, well for me and my friends at least. The only way to say hi to a girl was to roam in your bicycle until she finishes her tuition class and leaves for home. Follow her, give her a killi, get her number go home and call her (when nobody else is near the only telephone in her house). No Sms, no social network sites, no nothing except the good old life of simplicity.

Well that was just a scenario...not generalized at all. But I'm quite sure that it was more or less along those lines. Still capable of rising this nostalgia.

The most notable thing that happened during the 90's in the music scene was the show Painted Sound Illusion organized by a few young guys. The whole show was themed as a gig for original song writing bands, of which all were rock outfits. That was after the coming of the show called "Track". It was amazing to see all these rock bands playing their own compositions and having a good time. Among the famous bands then were Amixima, Death Bed, The Clashers, Afacraifa and Fasy's band to name a few. I don't recall all names of the bands so please excuse me. I was just a spectator enjoying the ride.

Everyone remembers Tharabe. In this instance not for his contributions in the football pitch or an assistant referee, in addition to being a musician and performer, he also used to rent his music room for these rock bands for rehearsal for MRF 50/- per hour. As I heard most of these bands at that time did not have their own instruments let alone a place to jam. So whenever any of these once-in-a-blue-moon gigs came along, they would arrange the songs with acoustic guitars sitting near their houses and come perform it at Tharabe's studio for an hour for 50 bucks. Such motivation and dedication. Amazing.

The cool part was that since there was just these few bands around that time, they all had to share Tharabe's studio among themselves. And instead of competitiveness or rivalry they all supported each other, and most of all had a lot of fun doing it. To me now all that seems a distant world. Where Male' was open till 2a.m and small kids thought about football, music, puppy love and swimming instead of violence, gang rape or drugs.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Human Rights Commission of Maldives - A question for you

Please HRCM ask yourself this - Are you a part of the solution, or a part of the problem?

Because their statements are sounding more and more like a political party's. It's time for people to change the head of HRCM because of his warped-tunnel-vision thinking. What they are only doing is creating more unrest and turmoil with their "human rights concerns". The first shift of paradigm should be towards a more responsible Human Rights Commission of Maldives.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did HRCM spark the riots in Maafushi?

The Human Right Commission of Maldives could be responsible for sparking the current riot in Maafushi prison block U2.

Why would they mislead everyone by not defining what is a "container"? Inside the prisons it's a boiling cauldron waiting to explode, it just needs the right kind of spark for it to blow up. And the president of HRCM, Mr. Saleem has managed to do just that with his dramatic statements at the press conference. This is not Tom Cruise appearing on Oprah again, these are serious allegations capable of freaking out sympathy crazed law breakers.

After hearing that DRP was going to bring the current government down in 3 months, for a second I thought whether this was their big plan. I thought they are going to do a fake "Evan Naseem" incident and force Anni to shoot at the "heavens". So that they can topple the government with their gangs of murderers and corrupt judges.

I wonder how many years will it take for people to realize that politics does not care about the people of a nation, it only cares about its own survival.

Friday, October 9, 2009

MP Nihan - Vili-Golhabo

As I remember long ago there was this old man we called golhabo, the original golhabo perhaps. The guys from my area would hassle him whenever he would pass by. They would just call "Golhabo" at him and then sparks would fly, he will stop and start by shouting "Golhabo.." and then more filth to make anyone embarrassed. Well, this was the earlier Golhabo, even before Gayyoom was dubbed so.

It seems another has stepped up to claim the title of Golhabo, MP Nihan - the Vili - Golhabo. He seems to have all the qualities of the original Golhabo, perhaps even more than Gayyoom. As he reacted exactly like a Golhabo would when called a Golhabo. He could not muster up the dignity nor courage to face a couple of students, while claiming to be an MP of a democratic country. Instead he calls up a gang of thugs to intimidate these students so that he could satisfy his wounded ego.

Is Vilingili some private island that Nihan owns now that he is an MP from one of the districts there? Talk about over inflated egos and false sense of superiority. By reacting like a baby and throwing a tantrum on being called Golhabo, Nihan has dubbed himself as the new Golhabo. He has now invited all democratic loving citizens of Maldives to call him "Golhabo" whenever and where ever the occasion arises.

What goes around shall come around..

Mr. Nihan is so fired up to criticize the current government, so that a failed and brutal dictatorship can once again claim power, fails to take any criticism to himself it seems. They talk about hot blooded thugs who do not have any sort of integrity nor principles given posts as MPs. Nihan has proved it by this incident. And along with fellows like Mahloof and Ali Waheed contributing to it.

At least Umar Naseer had the guts to go and hit some one himself, as the video footage shows despite his complete denial. I just wonder where on earth would a Member of Parliament call a group of thugs to intimidate and threaten a bunch of students?

More? - Check this article on Jazeera Daily

Monday, October 5, 2009

Is it Taqdeer of just bad choices?

The Islamic view on taqdeer or destiny, is very straight forward.

"The overwhelming majority of religious minded people in general, and that of Muslims in particular, holds the following view. At the moment of Creation, Allah Almighty laid down the rules, which were to govern the operation of the Universe. He also decided the chronology, the timing and the manner of each and every event that was to take place till eternity (the end of the Universe). He also decided the actions and behavior of each and every individual product of His creation non-living matter, the living beings and of course Men. As the popular statement in Urdu says : ‘Not even a leaf stirs without His permission.' Many hold the belief that God alone has the authority to allocate Rizq (sustenance): that is why we see so much disparity in the distribution of wealth. Some believe that one's pre destiny can be changed through extensive prayers, good deeds and exalted intermediaries like saints. It is all a matter of pleasing God either by individual action / pleas or influencing His decisions through someone.

Many also believe that only the major events in one's life are pre determined (such as marriage and education) but not the minor steps leading to a particular major event. That, they say, is the demarcating line between Man's freedom of choice and his pre decided destiny. It is believed that each and every individual is subtly taken through life being driven Willy Nilly to one's destiny by the invisible hand of Fate. This view raises a number of intriguing questionns."

Taken from Short Articles: Religion, Science & Islamic Perspective

Does this mean that all our choices have been pre decided? So if some girl gets raped does it mean that Islam believes that it was already decided by god? What about the external physical aspects that influences our lives? If we get cheated or betrayed was it because we were meant to be or because of actions of other devious people? Or is it that the bad actions of others are justified because God knew about it in the first place?

Obviously logically this cannot be what it means by Taqdeer. As in the article in the link above, the author tries to to logically translate it to a more broad thinking modern populace. Whatever meaning the different scholars agree on, fundamentalists would not hesitate to take the verbal meaning straight from the Quran and warp it to their own liking, just as they have done to every other teaching of Islam.

He has created everything in a particular proportion and has determined the measures for its capabilities and potentialities.
Quran chapter 25, verse 2

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Greater Evil

Maldives have managed to break the cycle of a dictatorship of 30 years. Now we have to buckle up to face the obstacles that threaten our environment and make ends meet in an economic nightmare.

However after seeing some recent posts from fellow bloggers from Maldives, its obviously clear that the greater evil Maldives faces is a social one - the rise of extremists religious fanatics. I do not say that it's a religious issue because I do not believe that they are following the true ways of Islam, rather they follow a warped version of Islam designed to suite the Taliban warlords of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Some people on MV blogsphere have been given death threats because of they have addressed this issue. Writing about the extremists who even have slavery introduced to their closed circle, abuse of women and children have given them death threats. How can we tolerate this anymore in this modern democratic world?

People should understand that people with big beards and short pants are not the core believers of Islam, rather they are people who follow a belief system created by the terrorist groups to promote oppression and terror so they could practice their full power without a thought to human rights.

During the time of Prophet Mohammed's life - people from all over the world, Jews, Christians etc. came to see him and witness his claim of prophet-hood and see how authentic it was. High priests of other religious sects questioned him, not very politely sometimes and even ridiculed him and doubted him, calling him all sorts of names and even trying to kill him with sorcery and other ways. But none of these people were murdered or killed, rather the Prophet said he is here to spread the message, after all he was the Messenger of God. And he felt sad that people did not understand his message, whatever it was he did not issue death threats to them.

So why do some ignorant group of brain washed people give death threats to people in the name of Islam. They are not Muslims, but a cult of the subcontinent. People call for the condemnation of drug addiction in our country, but how is this any different?? Why are people afraid to discriminate these people? They have used religion as their shields, but the general public should be more aware of the teachings of Islam and not believe what the person down the next corner says to him. It is responsibility of all Muslims to help these ignorant people realize that Islam does not have dress code, do not enslave under age girls and that religion is suppose to evolve with time. Otherwise how could Quran be book for all ages?

If Islam was meant to not evolve with time in its interpretations, then it could not be a very smart religion. These extremists contradict themselves all the time. Some even have goats in their house so they can follow the sunnah of the prophet. They use twigs to brush their teeth because the prophet did that as well. But do you think the prophet will have used twigs then if he had tooth brushes and tooth paste? This is where logic comes in, this is why God would give the power to think and express to human beings. Unfortunately these extremists do not use their brains as its not theirs, it belongs to whoever is the head of the turban group.

I wonder why they even use motor bikes and modern form of transport in the city, they should get camels and donkeys for that.