Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did HRCM spark the riots in Maafushi?

The Human Right Commission of Maldives could be responsible for sparking the current riot in Maafushi prison block U2.

Why would they mislead everyone by not defining what is a "container"? Inside the prisons it's a boiling cauldron waiting to explode, it just needs the right kind of spark for it to blow up. And the president of HRCM, Mr. Saleem has managed to do just that with his dramatic statements at the press conference. This is not Tom Cruise appearing on Oprah again, these are serious allegations capable of freaking out sympathy crazed law breakers.

After hearing that DRP was going to bring the current government down in 3 months, for a second I thought whether this was their big plan. I thought they are going to do a fake "Evan Naseem" incident and force Anni to shoot at the "heavens". So that they can topple the government with their gangs of murderers and corrupt judges.

I wonder how many years will it take for people to realize that politics does not care about the people of a nation, it only cares about its own survival.


Anonymous said...

i agree. the news abt male' jail container wyd hav really made them UPset!

Anonymous said...

it could've been a Web container.