Friday, October 2, 2009

The Greater Evil

Maldives have managed to break the cycle of a dictatorship of 30 years. Now we have to buckle up to face the obstacles that threaten our environment and make ends meet in an economic nightmare.

However after seeing some recent posts from fellow bloggers from Maldives, its obviously clear that the greater evil Maldives faces is a social one - the rise of extremists religious fanatics. I do not say that it's a religious issue because I do not believe that they are following the true ways of Islam, rather they follow a warped version of Islam designed to suite the Taliban warlords of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Some people on MV blogsphere have been given death threats because of they have addressed this issue. Writing about the extremists who even have slavery introduced to their closed circle, abuse of women and children have given them death threats. How can we tolerate this anymore in this modern democratic world?

People should understand that people with big beards and short pants are not the core believers of Islam, rather they are people who follow a belief system created by the terrorist groups to promote oppression and terror so they could practice their full power without a thought to human rights.

During the time of Prophet Mohammed's life - people from all over the world, Jews, Christians etc. came to see him and witness his claim of prophet-hood and see how authentic it was. High priests of other religious sects questioned him, not very politely sometimes and even ridiculed him and doubted him, calling him all sorts of names and even trying to kill him with sorcery and other ways. But none of these people were murdered or killed, rather the Prophet said he is here to spread the message, after all he was the Messenger of God. And he felt sad that people did not understand his message, whatever it was he did not issue death threats to them.

So why do some ignorant group of brain washed people give death threats to people in the name of Islam. They are not Muslims, but a cult of the subcontinent. People call for the condemnation of drug addiction in our country, but how is this any different?? Why are people afraid to discriminate these people? They have used religion as their shields, but the general public should be more aware of the teachings of Islam and not believe what the person down the next corner says to him. It is responsibility of all Muslims to help these ignorant people realize that Islam does not have dress code, do not enslave under age girls and that religion is suppose to evolve with time. Otherwise how could Quran be book for all ages?

If Islam was meant to not evolve with time in its interpretations, then it could not be a very smart religion. These extremists contradict themselves all the time. Some even have goats in their house so they can follow the sunnah of the prophet. They use twigs to brush their teeth because the prophet did that as well. But do you think the prophet will have used twigs then if he had tooth brushes and tooth paste? This is where logic comes in, this is why God would give the power to think and express to human beings. Unfortunately these extremists do not use their brains as its not theirs, it belongs to whoever is the head of the turban group.

I wonder why they even use motor bikes and modern form of transport in the city, they should get camels and donkeys for that.


Simon said...

I do not agree with one word in your fifth paragraph. It shows how ignorant you are of Islamic history. No doubt the Prophet was kind and merciful on several occasions. But to say that he did not issue death threats and, indeed, order assassinations is totally inaccurate and misleading.

You should read a bit more until you realize that you cannot make a stand against death threats by saying that it is against Islam.

If Islam is to evolve it should do so by recognizing the truth. Not lying about it.

bluebooze said...

simon: thanks for the link ^^ very interesting. Never knew about these stuff..

Mr. Karma said...

Simon: Thanks for your comment,,I will look up on this. And correct any misleading facts if any.

Mr. Karma said...

I have checked this out and yes it seems that the prophet did issue a death warrant.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of Islamic texts which speak of the Prophet's character - some of them contradictory. One can draw any conclusion one wishes. He can be delusional, schizophrenic, divinely-inspired, epileptic, narcissistic, misogynistic, promoter of women's rights, sex-crazy, child-molesting, peace-loving, war mongering, literate, illiterate, loved, hated, immoral, shy, violent, intolerant, loving, bisexual, transvestite, homosexual, necrophilic etc..

Ultimately it all boils down to what the believer chooses to accept and what he chooses to reject. And his choice is more a reflection of his own self rather than the Prophet's character. A barbaric sadist will choose the evil characters while the moderate humanist will choose the loving characters.

The Shadowrunner said...

So if reporting and uncovering a child abuse ring (there is no other name for them) deserves a death penalty in their opinion, My opinion is that they deserve to be used as testing ragdolls on an artillery range.

If they will choose to use bloodshed to cover up their crimes, then I do not see why we should give them the benefit of peaceful negotiations.

Besides, by declaring those death threats, they've made their guilt all too clear.