Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Human Rights Commission of Maldives - A question for you

Please HRCM ask yourself this - Are you a part of the solution, or a part of the problem?

Because their statements are sounding more and more like a political party's. It's time for people to change the head of HRCM because of his warped-tunnel-vision thinking. What they are only doing is creating more unrest and turmoil with their "human rights concerns". The first shift of paradigm should be towards a more responsible Human Rights Commission of Maldives.


Anonymous said...

Oh and they brought police to IGMH and took medical records n then started this phone call efforts to the people... Looking for jaariyaa ppl it seems. Hallo! Isn't this severe breach of human rights!

Anonymous said...

The HRCM is a huge problem. Young educated people must demand real human rights as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights instead of these declarations of Islamic Human rights.
Saleem is not the person for this. He is incapable of civil discourse and he does not understand what human rights are..
Thanks for a good posting. If we want a decent humane society, we must deal with this HRCM and REFORM IT - OR ABOLISH IT.
With the current people there, under the guise of working to protect human rights, human rights are violated!!!!!