Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nostalgia from Maldives music scene of the 90's

Oh yes, it was different. Good old days gone by. That was a time when motor bikes were for the elite few compared to now, and all my friends got by on bicycles. The only issue was everyone wanted to modify their bicycles with a BMX body and spares from Chopper bicycles so that it would make the 'tuk tuk' sound. So quite a number of times I myself lost my bicycle and had found it ripped apart at some narrow street.

A time where mobile phones were a science fiction fantasy, well for me and my friends at least. The only way to say hi to a girl was to roam in your bicycle until she finishes her tuition class and leaves for home. Follow her, give her a killi, get her number go home and call her (when nobody else is near the only telephone in her house). No Sms, no social network sites, no nothing except the good old life of simplicity.

Well that was just a scenario...not generalized at all. But I'm quite sure that it was more or less along those lines. Still capable of rising this nostalgia.

The most notable thing that happened during the 90's in the music scene was the show Painted Sound Illusion organized by a few young guys. The whole show was themed as a gig for original song writing bands, of which all were rock outfits. That was after the coming of the show called "Track". It was amazing to see all these rock bands playing their own compositions and having a good time. Among the famous bands then were Amixima, Death Bed, The Clashers, Afacraifa and Fasy's band to name a few. I don't recall all names of the bands so please excuse me. I was just a spectator enjoying the ride.

Everyone remembers Tharabe. In this instance not for his contributions in the football pitch or an assistant referee, in addition to being a musician and performer, he also used to rent his music room for these rock bands for rehearsal for MRF 50/- per hour. As I heard most of these bands at that time did not have their own instruments let alone a place to jam. So whenever any of these once-in-a-blue-moon gigs came along, they would arrange the songs with acoustic guitars sitting near their houses and come perform it at Tharabe's studio for an hour for 50 bucks. Such motivation and dedication. Amazing.

The cool part was that since there was just these few bands around that time, they all had to share Tharabe's studio among themselves. And instead of competitiveness or rivalry they all supported each other, and most of all had a lot of fun doing it. To me now all that seems a distant world. Where Male' was open till 2a.m and small kids thought about football, music, puppy love and swimming instead of violence, gang rape or drugs.


Simon said...

Yeah, those were the days!

Fasy's band back in the day was called The Final Revelation.

Invisible Pink Hollow Prophet said...

Great post. Makes me ache for the good old days. Thanks!