Friday, October 9, 2009

MP Nihan - Vili-Golhabo

As I remember long ago there was this old man we called golhabo, the original golhabo perhaps. The guys from my area would hassle him whenever he would pass by. They would just call "Golhabo" at him and then sparks would fly, he will stop and start by shouting "Golhabo.." and then more filth to make anyone embarrassed. Well, this was the earlier Golhabo, even before Gayyoom was dubbed so.

It seems another has stepped up to claim the title of Golhabo, MP Nihan - the Vili - Golhabo. He seems to have all the qualities of the original Golhabo, perhaps even more than Gayyoom. As he reacted exactly like a Golhabo would when called a Golhabo. He could not muster up the dignity nor courage to face a couple of students, while claiming to be an MP of a democratic country. Instead he calls up a gang of thugs to intimidate these students so that he could satisfy his wounded ego.

Is Vilingili some private island that Nihan owns now that he is an MP from one of the districts there? Talk about over inflated egos and false sense of superiority. By reacting like a baby and throwing a tantrum on being called Golhabo, Nihan has dubbed himself as the new Golhabo. He has now invited all democratic loving citizens of Maldives to call him "Golhabo" whenever and where ever the occasion arises.

What goes around shall come around..

Mr. Nihan is so fired up to criticize the current government, so that a failed and brutal dictatorship can once again claim power, fails to take any criticism to himself it seems. They talk about hot blooded thugs who do not have any sort of integrity nor principles given posts as MPs. Nihan has proved it by this incident. And along with fellows like Mahloof and Ali Waheed contributing to it.

At least Umar Naseer had the guts to go and hit some one himself, as the video footage shows despite his complete denial. I just wonder where on earth would a Member of Parliament call a group of thugs to intimidate and threaten a bunch of students?

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